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Default Re: Anime-Planet will be moving domain registrars soon (and, the recent downtime)

Originally Posted by Drahken View Post
There's one problem with the godaddy explanation though. Supposedly godaddy went out from 10am PDT to 4pm PDT monday. BUT a-p was down SUNDAY night. I believe it was around 11pm eastern when I first noticed a-p was down, which would put it at around 8pm PDT SUNDAY night, more than 12hrs before the reported start of godaddy's problem. I wonder if the problem hit a few of godaddy's sites before it hit the bulk of them, or if there was a second issue going on with a-p?
Just before it went down there were lag spikes and at times refused connections to the server. Mangina even made a post about it before it went down asking if something was wrong. Considering the site gradually died rather then a sudden crash I suspect DDoS started a lot sooner then they say it did.

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