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Default Re: Recent feed issues, upcoming scheduled maintenance/downtime, and how you can help

The site is now back up after many long hours and is working perfectly. The delay was due to the RAID array on the main server - not only was a drive not working, but the configuration was wacky and needed to be fixed. This led to needing 2 separate array rebuilds.

Thanks to everyone for your patience during the maintenance - and if you're glad to see the site back up, please stop by the profiles of holms and dmitrijus and drop them a thanks. They spent all day today, again, helping out with making sure the servers are working during the maintenance, and I couldn't have done it without them.

And if you want to help AP continue running, as unfortunately now we'll be spending a few more hundred dollars a month on server support, here's the link to donate to the cause - anything is appreciated!

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