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Default Re: Your input needed: what user review upgrades would you like?

Perhaps add a seperate agree/disagree function, apart from the love/hate function? (I have no idea how difficult that would be to code.)

"Elite" User Reviews
What about some way to make specific user reviews become site reviews (or something comparable at least)? ie, Some kind of "featured review" (not just a random review nor "top voted" review, but something that would actually get set apart from normal user reviews, either with site reviews or in it's own seperate category).
The underlying concept would be to fill in for the lack of official site reviews by making certain exemplary user reviews take their place.
The idea would be that a given review would get "elected" either by some sort of user submitted nomination or by getting more than {X} votes, then it would get "promoted" to some elite status (probably remove the ability to edit it, to prevent someone from using it as a spam method).
In the nomination method, people could submit someone else's review (not their own, for obvious reasons) for consideration, then a mod could look it over & decide if it's good enough to be an "elite" user review (this would take less time & effort than writing a review themselves, so hopefully some existing site reviewers could do it, even if they don't have the time to submit reviews of their own anymore).
In the voting method, there would be a set threshold, which would be significantly higher than "normal" good user reviews get. (So if the normal vote range is from 0-100, the threshold might be set at 500.) Reviews that get say 120 votes would wind up on the top of the rank list, but ones which get 500+ votes would get bumped up to "elite" status. This "elite" status would remove them from the ranking list, while simultaneously inserting them into the site reviews list.
*Warning: The above post may be highly opinionated, read it at your own risk.
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