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Default School Days

School Days

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I have seen up to episode 10 of School days TV and by far, I am deeply depressed. How sad is this anime. Like, in contrast to Neon Genesis emotional sadness where you have to cry on episode 24 (love the Beethoven there btw) In school Day, you need to cry due to the actions the characters do to each other.

What could me by suprise was that I though this anime would be like Please twins or Love Hina, or even Shuffle. Happy fantasy boy's saturday night dream. Happy endings. AHH. So I wish my life was like that.

Spoilers I must warn, do not read this until you seen up to episode 10 which is pretty much the bulk of the anime.

What till you see the end, those girls are so evil.
Please note, I also dislike girls.

I closing, I feel said, even though I am up to episode 10, this is a really sad anime to watch. I feel sad for Katsura.

This is why I dislike relationships all together and rejecting as a whole. Ito has too much for his plate and he just sign his death warrent.
I am emotionally depress by watching this, this has reminded me about the series of rejections and dumping due to the perverted acts and neglected.
I feel like crying, there is too much emotion in this anime, and yes there is too much sexaul connotations that has already emphasised the viriginity that I have, in contrast to pretty much everyone who has already his the sack.

I Assume Anime-planet does not promote any emoness here, so I regreat promoting any emoness in these forums. sigh

How feels the same about this anime.

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