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lagore 11-30-2008 10:53 PM

(a.k.a. The Legend of Mahjong: Akagi)

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My powers of deductive reasoning tell me that this thread does not exist yet. This is my first "Specific Anime Discussion" thread. Hopefully copying the format of the other threads will be good enough...

Well, anywho... I felt that the show was just sort of mediocre. It had it's moments, and it got pretty good towards the end. But on the whole it was just okay. But it's definitely good enough to have it's own thread, am I right?

ForgottenSon 11-30-2008 11:15 PM

Re: Akagi
Mediocre? MEDIOCRE!?! Sure Mahjong may be as boring as hell to watch (and probably play) and the ending sucked, but this show is all about how awesome Akagi is and how even straight men want to get down on their knees and fellate him.

lagore 11-30-2008 11:21 PM

Re: Akagi
Well, yes. I'll admit that Akagi's pure, unfiltered awesomeness made me more than a little gay for him.

However, I have based my decision mainly on the sudden ending and the fact that I had no clue what the hell was going on. So if this had been about poker, or if I had an elderly Chinese grandmother, I probably would have liked it much better.

valondar 12-01-2008 06:17 PM

Re: Akagi
I've got to agree with lagore on this one. I felt Akagi imploded at the end. The first two arcs were great, though, especially his game with Urabe. That had me on the edge of my seat -

And yes, Akagi Shigeru is indeed the genius who descended into darkness. He's Johan Liebert, if Johan played mah-jong instead of killing people.

Wright 12-03-2008 05:25 PM

Re: Akagi
Akagi kicked ass. The ending DID blow chunks though =/ was very anti-climactic...but Akagi as a character was awesome. Most intense Mahjong you can ever watch =)

Providence 12-06-2008 11:40 PM

Re: Akagi
Akagi was good. I didn't have much trouble with the Mahjong since I used to play it, but the scoring system was a bit hard to understand. Still, Akagi's VA also voiced the main characters in Kaiji and One Outs.

absolute 09-24-2009 06:18 AM

Re: Akagi
Uhm, I wanted to ask some information about this anime before watching it (but I think I'm not going to watch it very soon however). I read somewhere that the anime isn't finished, I mean, that the final scenes are left unfinished. Is it true? Apart from that, do I need to "study" how to play mahjong before watching it?

(finally, but it may be OT, does anyone know where I can find subtitles for the live action movie?)

VividAvidWatcher 02-09-2011 10:55 PM

Re: Akagi
Stumbled upon this anime by random luck. Was a lil bored so decided to watch it. Was extremely impressed. Each episode kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I'm very much into ninja and demon animes so me liking this kinda took me by surprise. Ending isn't my cup of tea but the buildup to it was pretty great. I would def recommend this to anyone who is curious about watching this!

I also have no clue how to play mahjog but still enjoyed the show

roriconfan 07-17-2012 03:13 AM

Re: Akagi
Not as good as Kaiji and the game is hard to follow if you don't know the rules but it was very suspenseful.

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