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Eileanach 11-14-2007 04:52 AM

Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket

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Now obviously I am not going to offer any spoilers in here for those who haven't seen all of it yet.

But is it just me or is the ending for it REALLY poor? I mean they build up to this amazing climax and then the ending occurs and you feel unsatisfied like the creators didn't bother thinking about it properly and just shoved any old ending down?

Again this is just my opinion. I know a few people who loved the ending. I just didn't find it satisfying... the way the plot was heading and all...

ingrey 11-14-2007 05:10 AM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...
Expect a reply from FruitsBasket soon.

ReturnofFruitbasketbob2 11-14-2007 05:43 AM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

purplemo 11-14-2007 06:27 AM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

ReturnofFruitbasketbob2 11-14-2007 09:44 AM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...
Wow emo o_O We agreed on something. THE WORLDS ARE COLLIDING!!
Anyways when I hear people that say that they hate FB's ending I think of only 2 possible reasons.

1)They didn't understand the ending.

2)They love Fruit Basket so much they were mad that it had to end.

zoelyn 11-14-2007 10:29 AM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...
Hmm... well since FB is pretty much my favorite anime right now, I'll add my two cents.

alyss 11-14-2007 01:55 PM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

ReturnofFruitbasketbob2 11-14-2007 02:11 PM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

Originally Posted by zoelyn (Post 130680)

I was actually surprised to see in another thread (perhaps one of the poll-like things that this site does... sorry I forgot what they're called...) that so many people were disappointed with the ending.

Yeah I have no idea how FB ended on the list of worst endings when you have shows like Air TV. :hamster:

I'll use my reasonings from my post above. That and probably only a few people voted :...:

purplemo 11-14-2007 02:52 PM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...
Lots of people like happy endings. Heck, you should see the people who complain about the Fatal Frame/Project Zero/Rei games. The Rei (or Zero) in the title refers to the fact that the canon endings are "zero" endings, neither happy nor sad. Yet people who play those games still want a happy conclusive ending and whine about why there isn't one WHEN THE TITLE TELLS YOU THERE ISN'T ONE.

I actually despise the usual 'happy' endings because it's usually unrealistic and too 'clean.' I prefer more realism (yes, I know I'm saying this about a medium that spawns emo teens who can kill anyone they want with their cardboard rainbow robots).

Also, I'm not sure, but if I remember right, Furuba wasn't close to being done at the anime's end. If they made up an ending, how much annoying whining do you think there would be, regardless of the quality?

And lastly, I found the Air ending better than most animes. I kinda liked how they didn't force the issue with a happy ending. I actually found the Summer and Air arcs much more enjoyable than the coma-inducing Dream arc. Though in the end, the only Key story I truly enjoyed was Planetarian.

ReturnofFruitbasketbob2 11-14-2007 03:00 PM

Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...
I like bittersweet endings. Too depressing is too emo for me. Too happy is too Disney for me.

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