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OwlsMelody says...

Zoro's so hawt ❤︎

Feb 3, 2016
TheIceQueen says...

He makes me think of this one time that I walked into the wrong high school.

Nov 18, 2015
dordo12 says...

This avatar is old, change it :x

May 19, 2015
elkazzanova says...

Roronoa Zoro might just be the most awesome and bad ass sowrdsman out there. Not only is he good with a sword, but he uses the san-toryu style (three swords style).One in each hand and one in his mouth. This  doesnt just make him cool, but rather stronger. Depending on how many swords he has he can only use certain tecniques and only so much power, therefore he is at his stronget with 3 swords and at his weakest with one.This attribute alone adds a certain level off character development that makes this swordsman character very unique and fresh from the rest.

Mar 28, 2015
YoruMoriarti says...

Zoro-kun is the most bestest awesomest coolest swords-dude evar!!!! Go'head and rock that marimo hair :)

Feb 28, 2015