Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
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Happiness! Main
Happiness! De-Lucks First Press Special Main

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Happiness! Main

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Epimondas Jul 18, 2015

Yuuma is truly one of the best most balanced realistic and appropriately humble lead characters I have ever seen in an anime along with Haruhi from the same show and a few others I have seen scattered here and there.  For a change, he is not a total perve, butthole, overly obvious prude, or overburdened problematic characters so often seen in many animes.  He is well balanced and more akin to the classic "boy next door" or your admirable older brother or model mentor ish cousin or best friend.  Sure he has some issues and bad qualities but most he seems to keep to himself though others are aware of them and in some respects more knowledgable about them than he is himself.  Since he does not constantly whine and complain to inappropriately thrust his burdens onto others, he stands out as a uniquely strong, charasmatic, and more realistic central figure.  He is sadly among a handful of such characters male or female I have ever seen as lead or major characters in any anime.  It is as if he is not a pure over the top exaggerated stereotype as seems to be the common rule among many anime shows for important characters.  People in the real world are not really stereotypes nor do they fit quite so neatly into any prejudged set of characteristics as you might believe when enjoy alot of the many forms of media.  For that reason, he fits the lead/important role slot better than most and appeals to a larger portion of the generic population.  Even without all that the fact that he is pretty unique in that he does not fall into such exaggerated attempts to counter balance good strong characters with ridiculously bad qualities, he stands out.  

Yet, his character is also not portrayed as quite perfect either.  Thus proving you do not need to overly exaggerate bad traits to balance a strong central character out.  It maybe a burden unto himself he set for himself and spurned by a traumatic event but it works and it is more subtle than the outlandishly bad actions and behaviors I often seen in other lead characters to make them seem more dispicable as if that were the price for having any extraordinary strengths or character qualities.  This makes him a bit more appealing, flawed, humble, respectable, interesting, endearing, and sympathetic.  There could be some improvement on the story background and atmosphere as it feels like the anime is generally a bit low budget with too few characters cropping up even if the school they all attended were on the small population side.  Aside from that, he is one of the best characters and quite fitting for that age group in looks and behavior as he seems mature but not quite adult.