Alt titles: Second

Yuno GASAI main image

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tanteiRE says...

Classic yandere, she's amazing. I love her and cry for her at the same time.

If you hated Yuno, you pretty much hated the entire show because she is the main protagonist, not Yuki. Everything revolves around her.


Aug 11, 2014
heyalotp71 says...

I hate this chick so much i personally would like to have killed her, she ruined the whole show for me. I don't care about her pitiful past, i just can't stand this show because of that dumb b****. She thinks she can just kill whoever she wants and still stalk Yuki, go die in a hole Yuno! Nobody is stupid enough to stalk someone and be so obssesed like that. I couldn't believe what i was watching, never going back to that show again.

Aug 11, 2014
whysosaltybro says...

Can't hate Yuno. Shes one of my favorite anime characters. Thats why shes my profile picture :)

Jun 27, 2014
junkoenoshima says...

Similar characters to Yuno: Madoka Kaname


Mar 28, 2014
GematriA says...

Why the fuck would someone hate Yuno?!

captcha: Ritual yawnsem

Feb 7, 2014