Alt titles: Second

Yuno GASAI main image

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bubbley says...

While I liked the development she got later on, I still feel like she's one of the most overrated characters in anime. She's obnoxious, repetitive, and I felt like all the attributes she was given were very unrealistic. How was she able to be so good at all those fighting styles? She might as well have been wearing a sign saying "like me, I'm desperate".

Dec 20, 2014
DiaryHolder13 says...

I love her. Favorite character of all time. I want her. 

Oct 9, 2014
MahouShoujoStar says...

She's perfect. 

 one of my favourits characters of all time. 

Oct 8, 2014
Reqee says...

I saw Mirai nikki because of her, she is awesome

Sep 23, 2014
IzayaRob says...

So yandere she when went back in time and killed herself,

If yuno what I mean.

Sep 22, 2014