Aka: Second

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BronyWriterFiM says...

No thank you. Even I won't trust her in the first place if she were to exist.

Nov 24, 2016
dirudiru says...

Yanderes are fine,

yet Yuno is terrible.

Go watch a good show.

Nov 11, 2016
TheEdgelordAnnasui says...

Don't get me wrong, I fucking love yanderes, but Yuno... oh god Yuno. Where do I start?! There are many reasons why she's my least favorite character of all time, but let's start from the top. Yandere does not equal character. Why doesn't this anime get that? Being a crazy bitch doesn't make you interesting, she's just a trope, nothing else. She isn't interesting, she isn't creative in the slightest, she isn't cute, she isn't even fucking consistent! And for fucks sake, SHE IS NOT YOUR WAIFU. 

Nov 6, 2016
GematriA says...

Pros:+ she beheaded a faggot+ she's determined+ she cares+ killing machine+ rich+ obedient+ pretty+ can take a punch or twoCons:- not harem compatible as she would murder every other women

Oct 29, 2016
yullev says...

glad ur dead xoxo

Oct 22, 2016