Aka: Second

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #62
Rank #78
Yuno GASAI main image

The talented and beautiful Yuno Gasai is the poster child of a model student but, beneath this mask of perfection, lies a stalker obsessed with Yukiteru Amano. Known as Second among the players of Deus Ex Machina's survival game, she holds a special diary that tells her the actions of her beloved Yukiteru in ten-minute intervals. Her obsession is her strength, and she'll stop at nothing to protect him from any and all threats.

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Anime Roles

Mirai Nikki Secondary
Mirai Nikki Redial Main
Mirai Nikki TV Main

Manga Roles

Future Diary Main
Mirai Nikki Paradox Minor
Mirai Nikki Redial Main

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gvbspx says...

F♥♥♥king Yandere.

Aug 25, 2016
M0M0I says...


Aug 22, 2016
Paghoul says...

I want to marry her!! I love her so much!

Aug 19, 2016
CursedToCraft says...

While most people find the concept of an overly protective and obsessive girl who would do anything you say, no matter what the cost or ethical/moral standpoint, most definitely unappealing, I find much joy and happiness in this particular yandere. Most people feel her personality, particulary her violence, are unwarranted. However, I believe this to not be a case for argument. Firstly, let's discuss her past. Her parents basically turned her into a caged animal. This dehumanizing feature of Yuno's parents would leave anyone traumatized and angry to the point they would want to kill their captives. Secondly, she had to protect Yuuki, who is incapable of being manly or protecting himself in any sense, so she was also carrying his survival on top of hers against the likes of their other diary users. However, without a means to bring the dead back to life, Yuno's logic near the end of the first universe's Death Game brings up a sense of extreme nihilism and tragic discomfort. Since she could just win everytime until there was a Death Game where Yuuki won or perhaps another third means, this brings up the sense of Steins gate and the multiverse theory. While every universe may have the same people, they are not the exact same beings that particular Yuno grew up with. Hence the numbering of the universe. Perhaps this realization of "staring over and trying again" as well as becoming a god also changed her mindset as well... to one that understand the meaninglessness of it all. Also, if you had to choose between neither you or your lover living and nobody obtaining the title of God or progressing forward in the hopes to find a solution and end where both of you could live together, wouldn't you choose the second option? I find it to be such a tragic romance, the relationship of Yuno and Yuuki. </3 As for her psuedo kidnapping Yuuki, I find that if Yuuki himself wasn't so helpess, she would never resort to such measures. While it seems deranged and depraved even, in her mind she thought she was trying to help Yuuki survive. That is her sole purpose anyways... Great concept, poorly executed, right? Had Yuuki had the power to fight on par with Yuno and defend her, I am absolutely certain Yuno would never had resorted to such means. Doesn't the kind of girl who has an absolute unconditional and unrequited loyalty and love to her partner something all men dream of? Also, had there not been this entire "Death Game", wouldn't Yuno grow up to be the perfect housewife? Never cheating, always putting her lover before herself, so extremely and romantically attached to her lover that it hurts... Aren't these all the traits that we look for in partners?? I implore anyone reading this who dislikes Yuno to attempt and understand her as if her personality were of a real person and not an anime character. You may just find that she has been what you were looking for. -CursedToCraft-    

Jul 30, 2016
dirudiru says...


"Yukkiyukkiyukki", need I say more?


Her antics got old very fast. When a main character gets defined by pretty much one single trope, yandere in this case, you risk this. Sorry, "cute, but insane" doesn't immediately make a character interesting, especially if it drags on for pretty much the entire run of the show.


Goes for the whole show. Overly dark past, unnecessarily violent, unneeded fanservice. Yes, she is in a death game, no she does not need to be this violent. The whole thing just feels like something written by young edgelords.

Honestly, Yuno is literally a stereotypical nu-metal song, except nu-metal can actually be enjoyable from time to time.

There are actual interesting, likeable characters with yandere tendencies. Yuno is not one of them

Jun 29, 2016