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Yukiteru AMANO

Alt titles: First, Yukki

Yukiteru AMANO image
Rank #604
Rank #57


GematriA avatar GematriA
Feb 7, 2014

Spineless bastard, burn in hell for eternity! D:<

TatsumiZX avatar TatsumiZX
Jan 20, 2014

he is a no good punk that needs Yuno yet he wants to treat her bad. He should just love her after all she is the reason he still alive

SilverySlash001 avatar SilverySlash001
Dec 15, 2013

Let's get this straight, being mentally weak or unstable is not the reason why I disliked this character.  Shinji from Evangelion was also weak and unstable but I liked him because his reactions to his situation were believable.  Though Yukki's feelings towards his situation were believable, I still don't like him.  Reason being, he's a scumbag.  The biggest difference that I find between Yukki and other 'weak' protagonists, is that he doesn't seem to feel remorse for the way he treats others (often like mere tools, a means to the end).  Shinji recognise his assholeishness, hates himself, and ultimately tries to convince himself to stand for the people he loves, even if he fails horribly.  Yukki lacks that very human characteristic, in my opinion, and that is what makes him so dislikable.

DarkAngelofFire avatar DarkAngelofFire
Dec 13, 2013

I liked him. No seriously, I think he's one of my favourite anime protagonists. Honestly, I love his character development. 

PremixedCrayon avatar PremixedCrayon
Nov 18, 2013

Almost dropped the show because of this c##t.

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