Yukiteru AMANO

Alt titles: First, Yukki

Yukiteru AMANO main image

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danielrogowski13 says...

Even his avatar at Anime-Planet show, which is a fag.

Jan 17, 2015
wonkuenoemos says...

i'm sorry i must say: I HATE him!

After so much time i've spending to watch anime, he is the first character in all anime whose I hate so much. He is so fucking coward! Don't have courage to face trouble, just relying to the other. Like a parasyte that inflicting damage to it host while obtain many profit from them. What a disgracefull! Have no dignity and honor as human being ~more precisely: anime character being. XD~!!

Jan 2, 2015
HentaiSempai says...

A person that doesn't trust the girl he "loves" as well as lying to Yuno that he loves her should be burned in hell for eternity.

Nov 25, 2014
theahmedelsayed says...

I hate him so much when he killed his friends and trust Yuno every time ..

Annoying -_-

Nov 1, 2014