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catomicatomica Aug 28, 2016

She was okay at first, but her cling ones is really annoying. Let the man hug a childhood friend, she needs to stop freaking out over everything Kouta decides to do

Alquds98 Jul 27, 2016

I hated the entire anime I mean beside the shock value how can you like any one the characters in the show plus I believe Yuka has no purpose but she is also the sanest.

AloisAckerman Aug 3, 2015

I don't know why but she was annoying to me

Hello124 Jul 16, 2015

The hate she gets is too much. She's probably the sanest character in her respective anime. I'm too lazy to write, so just read this:

1.) She's a Slut

How? The last time I checked, a slut is a provocative individual who barely dresses themselves and all they want to do is be crazy. Yuka is actually extremely modest and just about every outfit she wears she is completely covered. Someone made a remark that she 'deliberately shows off her panties therefore she's a slut'. When was this? Only time I remember her undergarments showing was when she slipped in the rain. Now one can't sit there and say that slipping and falling is deliberate. There's been plenty of times when I would wear a skirt and it would accidentally flap up and show my panties. Was it deliberate? Hell no! Same thing goes with Yuka. They're called accidents for a reason.Also, I'd like to point out that the manga specifically states that she's a virgin and wishes to save herself for Kouta. I highly doubt that describes a slut.

2.) She's a crybaby

Now you can't sit there and say you wouldn't cry to if you were in love with someone and it looked like there was someone else in their life and you meant nothing to them. I sure have. Women are a lot more emotional than men. This is a well known fact. The only time she really cried was once when reminiscing over the festival they both attended as children, also the same time I'm assuming her feelings for him started to develop. That was a big and important day to her and the one she loves doesn't remember it at all. I'm sure any other woman would be crushed as well. (That would be like forgetting an anniversary or the day a couple had their first date or kiss.) She's desperately in love with Kouta and please keep in mind that she's 19. She's young and inexperienced with such a powerful emotion that she feels overwhelmed. And what usually happens when someone feels emotionally overwhelmed? They cry. Simple as that. Remember your first love? Were you prepared for that? I sure wasn't. Now let's note what a crybaby is. A crybaby is someone who will cry over the smallest thing out of self pity or when they don't get their own way. The only thing she's cried about is Kouta. A crybaby would burst into tears about anything.

3.) She's self centered and selfish Again I ask how? Last time I checked, Yuka was the one who suggested that they let Lucy/Nyuu stay with them after finding her on the beach. (Yes and how selfish of her to ask Kouta to give Lucy his shirt so she wouldn't be walking home with them naked.) I'm sure if Kouta was there by himself he wouldn't of done anything. So if it weren't for Yuka, Lucy and Kouta would of never have been reunited. Yuka also is generous enough to cook, clean, let Lucy borrow her clothes, and take in Nana and Mayu when they had no place to stay.  All out of the kindness of her heart. Now does that really describe a self centered person? I think not.

4.) She's trying to take Kouta away from Lucy/NyuuOh here we go with the "(Insert hated character here) is trying to steal (insert love interest 1 here) from (love interest 2)!" excuse, which most of the time isn't even valid. Not once in the whole story did Yuka rub her hands together evilly saying, "Hahaha I'm going to go out and destroy the relationship that Lucy and Kouta had that I was completely unaware of!" Yes, she feels uncomfortable with the relationship that was bonding between Nyuu (Knowing nothing about Lucy) seeing that it seemed like Nyuu was trying to seduce him in Yuka's eyes. But she would still act motherly towards Nyuu and even allowed Lucy and Kouta to hug, shortly after Yuka and Kouta shared their first kiss. (Of course in return Lucy gives her a punch in the face.) Yuka had never acted in any shape or form that she was plotting to take Kouta away from Lucy. As I remember Kouta actually yelled at Nyuu for breaking his sister's seashell and it was YUKA who scolded him for being rude and suggested to find her and bring her back. If she were truly out to keep them from getting together, she would have never even bothered.

5.) She's incestiousI cannot even begin to stretch this out as far as possible. Cousin marriages is LEGAL in Japan!! It is not an uncommon act of cousins getting together or marrying. It's in their culture. (Not just Japan but many other places as well.) Elfen Lied is an manga/anime made IN JAPAN. If it was made in Japan, for Japan, then obviously it's going to have their culture and practices in it. Including cousin couples. I know the world is not going to understand that, but you can't hate Yuka for something that is common in their country.

Best Girl!