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GematriA says...

Annoying whiney whore, god I hoped Lucy would behead her...

Dec 12, 2014
tanteiRE says...

One of the nicest characters in the series. She didn't kill anyone, welcomed Nyu with open arms, and they'd all starve without her.

A lot of anime need the bitch-slapper. She just happened to the one in Elfen Lied.

Aug 11, 2014
KittyCalando says...

Whines about EVERYTHING, gets jealous over EVERYTHING, and on top of it all is extremely possesive over Kouta even though she's not even dating him 

Made me want to punch something.

May 5, 2014
XxFunnYxX says...

I honestly don't like Yuka. I rather prefer Kouta and Lucy/Nyu together. :(

Nov 20, 2013
Discontent says...

'Why hate her?'

Ooooh boy. Let's us see.

For one, she's an abusive and disproportionate bitch. She gets violent with Kouta for the most fucking ludicrous of reasons, and near absolutely refuses to see his point of view. Case in point:

"What? Kouta can't remember a promise due to his sister and father getting violently murdered in front of him about twenty minutes after making said promise in some rather guilt-inducing circumstances? That bastard. Guess I have to kick his ass now." Sure, she may not have known he had repressed memories at the time, but still, that's like kicking a crying puppy repeatedly because you happen to not know it's crying.

Secondly: the whining, my god, the whining! Ever realise how Yuka is probably the most well-off character in the entire series? Also realise how she seems to be the one complaining about it the most?

Do these points answer the question?

Aug 26, 2013