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Salri says...

Ough, how I hate her >:|

Feb 11, 2015
levichan says...

one of the most annoying yanderes ever =.= at first she was just okay... but halfway through the show... NOPE

Jan 21, 2015
shadowdace says...

I liked her at the beggining. I even though, "That's weird! I rarely like girl chilhood friends because they are mostly annoying but she is cool!" Then she started getting all slutty-psycho-crazy bitch and she just became plain annoying. Kakeru X Misuzu all the fucking way!

Jul 17, 2013
NeiniAurora3500 says...

Yuka is getting enough hate. I will say that she is a great character. Yes she gets clingy to Kakeru, yes she starts to not care about the other characters. However if you look through her eyes you can see why she is like that. 

Don't forget that Yuka was the one person who supported Kakeru in his youth when he was depressed over his sister's suicide. When he was alone and was being bullied Yuka was the one person who stood by his side and supported him. This is the reason Kakeru loves Yuka and its a fair reason. Think what Kakeru would've been like without Yuka. They have a huge history together which explains their need to protect each other. It feels like people forget that when they hate on Yuka.

Yes I could get hate for saying this, but someone has to support this character from all this hate. 

Aug 5, 2012
NicoNicoDesu says...

If I ever get a machine gun, I swear I'll make her thirty pounds heavier from the bullets. I hate this slutty bitch!

Aug 3, 2012