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Happymeal says...

She's a bit extreme, but pretty decent character. None of the characters in this anime especially irk me. 

Dec 17, 2013
ravenrhen says...

I think I can understand where Yozora is coming from, she tease Sena on the point that it seems she's bullying her, but in reality she doesn't know how to be a friend to some since her last friend seems to "betray" her coz of leaving without saying anything, she's afraid of getting close to someone coz they might leave her like her "true friend" did before, and besides, she likes kodaka, and Kodaka likes Sena, what do  you think she felt about that? her whole foundation of "childhood friends" with Kodaka is ruined since he and Sena where not just engage but also childhood friends? I'm really looking forward for the season 3, Yozora's comeback should be a blast, 

Sep 11, 2013
mlummka says...

as for me,she ruined the whole show.i didn't really understand why was she always teasing Sena.And it didnt seem "friendly" at all.I hated those moments.I liked Sena.When i started watching i thought she would be a a pain in the ass,not Yozora, but i really liked her and felt a little bad for her.

Jun 8, 2013
kio3459 says...

I foresee a huge comeback for Yozora in the 3rd season.  Yozora is just misunderstood, people who hate her now will love her if the next season gets made (which looks likely given its popularity). After the 2nd season:

1,025 people LIKES this character

113 people HATES this character

May 27, 2013
ramennochibi says...

I find her to be a really pathetic character throughout both anime series.

Apr 4, 2013