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Kyokosakura1 says...

I love her <3333 Kinda mad at her for picking annoying Kamina but no other issues there ♥♥♥ Simon x Yoko forever! 

Jul 19, 2015
Bionicbranster says...

Waifu for life <3

Apr 17, 2015
throwawaykeroko says...

Sarcastic. Ridiculous proportions. Nope, nope, nope. At least she can hold her own in a fight, but that's about all she's got going for her.

Dec 11, 2014
liGis says...

Super sexy character, love it!!!

May 4, 2013
Squatso says...


Oh, Yoko. How I love you. Kamina and Kittan are in the heavens high-fiving each other, saying "Worth it!!"

Jan 26, 2012