Aka: Himura

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Rank #5,018
Rank #9,868
I this character

Anime Roles

Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen Main

Manga Roles

Rurouni Kenshin Minor

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DATH says...

AHHHHH!! Why?!

Oct 11, 2015
ScarredSwordHeart says...

As the daughter of an Edo samurai, Yukishiro Tomoe became engaged to the second son of another samurai family, Kiyosato Akira. Tomoe and Akira had been friends since childhood and Tomoe was very happy to be engaged to him. However, Tomoe's little brother Enishi, whom Tomoe had hand reared after their mother's death in his birth, was very jealous of Tomoe's engagement to Akira and threw such a tantrum over it, that Tomoe felt guilty about the engagement and never told Akira how happy she was to be engaged to him.

Taking Tomoe's silence as a rejection due to his status as a second son, Akira postponed his marriage and signed up for the Mimwarigumi, a Shogunate patrol in Kyoto, where the Bakumatsu Revolution was currently raging. A few months after his departure for the war, Tomoe received a letter stating the Akira had been killed in battle by an assassin for the regolutionary Ishin Shishi group, called Hitokiri Battousai. 

Tomoe felt horrible about this because she realized that had she just told Akira how happy she was, he probably never would have left for the war. Tomoe turned her self loathing outward and projected it onto Akira's killer, Battousai. Feeling like she had to do something to avenge Akira, Tomoe abruptly left her family behind in Edo and journeyed to Kyoto, where she allied herself with a group of Bakufu ninjas, known as the Yaminobu, in order to bring about Battousai's downfall.

Tomoe sat drinking in a pub that the Yaminobu knew Battousai frequented and laid eyes on him for the very first time. Because of her beauty, Tomoe was harassed by some bar patrons, who claimed to the "Ishin Shishi of Aizu." Battousai confronted the warriors, pointed out their hypocrisy and ordered them out of the pub.

Tomoe followed Battousai and caught him in the act of dispatching one of the Yaminobu ninjas in a dark alley. Battousai turned around and for the first time, their gazes locked. From then on, the wheels of fate would turn them both to a fateful conclusion.

Feb 16, 2015
chibigamer says...

My favorite RK character ;)

Sep 4, 2011