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Hair Color: Yellow
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DhanaRagnarok Dec 27, 2016


I am still EXTREMELY MAD that Ichigo and Harribel never met face to face.

I would be curious as to what would have come from that confrontation, given that they fight for pretty much the exact same reason : to protect. She only joined Aizen in thanks for saving her and her Fraccions' lives, and for the power boost it would give them without having to eat other Hollows which she found barbaric.

Whether they fought or not, that would have been a much more interesting meeting than "Anime Rival #265" Grimmjow and "Tall, Dark and 2-dimensional" Ulquirorra...

Her match-up against Toshiro was rather annoying, seeing as the whole battle was pretty much "let's nullify each other's attacks until someone dies of boredom", and that the tiny captain pulled several techniques out of his ass (like the ice clone that talks and bleeds, or his ultimate ice tower that didn't leave a scratch on Harribel).

I would have been curious to see her at least get a couple shots at fighting Yamamoto, and maybe even give him a decent fight in Shikai VS Resurreccion thanks to the elemental advantage before he stopped playing and easily took her out. Especially after her Fraccions sacrificed themselves just for that (once again, fucking ice clone that talks and BLEEDS).

And don't get me started on her role in the Quincy arc... Kubo probably intented to have a mission sent to collect her and have her, Nel and Grimmjow join the force fighting the Empire, but I suppose we have executive meddling to thanks for this one...

All in all, she was one of the potentially most interesting Hollows (along with Starrk, Barragan, Szayel, Aaroniero and Nelliel) who got completely wasted in making Toshiro look less pathetic and then was forgotten.

Too bad, because she was in my opinion the most gorgeous woman in Bleach (yes, even with the mask - and her Resurreccion gets rid of it anyway), and was the only Arrancar with Starrk susceptible to join the good guys and become a recurring character.

Her Voice Actress in Japanese was top-notch too.

FlyByNight Apr 14, 2015

Still being raped in Hueco Mundo it seems...

brokensaint058 Aug 3, 2014

Be careful, she bites!

XxxX Jun 20, 2014

My Favorite Character in bleach !!