Aka: Kanade TACHIBANA, Angel

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rayrayy says...

I don't think these are spoilers, but in case someone gets angry...

May I ask for help? I've been interested in dere-types recently and I often get confused about emotionless characters. I mean, I've seen many times that when people give examples of kuuderes, they mention about Tenshi but I think she's more of a dandere - she is the quiet one but very kind and gentle as well. What do you think? Is she a dandere, kuudere or none of these?

Feb 27, 2016
mrcokamrcoka says...

i like her

Feb 4, 2016
LichtundSchatten says...

She is is so bland. She has no character depth whatsoever, and she's stoic for no reason.

Dec 30, 2015
poiuw says...

I don't understand why ,,Tenshi,, isn't just in aliases. Tenshi/Angel are just nicknames when they didn't know her name. There should be properly Kanade Tachibana.

There are still people who think than she is underdeveloped and bland. That's just their ignorance. You don't have to like Kanade or another dandere/kuudere characters, but that reasoning seems wrong to me. 

Many years have passed since I watched first time, but I still love her. ^^

Dec 20, 2015
WolfAngelus says...

She has such a sweet voice and her looks compliment that so well. She has one of the most saddest/happy mix of endings. In the end she was just misunderstood and is a victim of "judging a book by its cover" which is what happens regularly in real life too. 

Her character was really well done and is a massive impact for Angel Beats.

Even more amazing is the fact that she is among the top character list among many mainstream anime that have several hundred episodes.

Dec 17, 2015