Aka: Kanade TACHIBANA, Angel

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animeaddict20 Feb 8, 2017

 her head is full of rocks

M0M0I Nov 26, 2016

lol she is so ugly 

rayrayy Feb 27, 2016

I don't think these are spoilers, but in case someone gets angry...

May I ask for help? I've been interested in dere-types recently and I often get confused about emotionless characters. I mean, I've seen many times that when people give examples of kuuderes, they mention about Tenshi but I think she's more of a dandere - she is the quiet one but very kind and gentle as well. What do you think? Is she a dandere, kuudere or none of these?

LichtundSchatten Dec 30, 2015

She is is so bland. She has no character depth whatsoever, and she's stoic for no reason.