Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Rank #797
Rank #1,819

Tatsuki is one of Ichigo’s classmates, and she has known him since they were small children. Her best friend is Orihime whom she cares a great deal for and she often takes on the role of protecting her from both boys and Chizuru. Tatsuki is a complete tomboy and extremely adept at karate.

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Anime Roles

Bleach Minor
Bleach: Memories in the Rain Minor
Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse Minor

Manga Roles

Bleach Minor

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Epimondas Jul 8, 2015

Despite the fact she is friends with the idiot Orihime, she is a much better character and actually a much better match for Ichigo.  She has known him far longer than anyone else even Orihime, and it seems apparent had a crush on him.  Why she protects such a useless, reckless, flip flopping character like Orihime is a mystery.  She is bossy, and similar to the classmate's sister who likes the bald guy.  She is not as stupid or reckless as other characters like Orihime and therefore a better match since she is far less likely to hold anyone back.  Despite having no power, she is probably far more useful, confident, independent, and battle capable than many of those with powers in the Bleach world.  She is at times a bit of a tsundere however.  She is a perfect contrast even to Ichigo's weaknesses now.  She is not gullible, can read the mood better than Ichigo or many of his other friends, can sense enemies often times even better than Ichigo or other reapers, can keep him in line so that he doesn't put his foot in his mouth as often, and can guide him around problems that would other wise be beyond Ichigo's ability to resolve.  She is strong in many of the ways Ichigo is weak and vice versa, but they are both quite confident and combat ready.  She could probably whip anyone into action or get them out of downer moods with ease.  During the arancar arc, it is revealed she has a strong and long back history with Ichigo.  She is also one of the few characters affected by Hollows to either receive new powers or at least sensitivy to Hollow presence.  

randomredneck Dec 24, 2011

If "Obvious Lesbian" was a tag, she'd deserve it.

m1k3209 Aug 18, 2010

I miss Tatsuki!! She hasn't had an appearance in forever : (