Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #4,263
Rank #270
Takumi ICHINOSE main image

As the handsome leader and bassist of Trapnest, Takumi has a well deserved reputation of being a playboy. Those around him think he can also be a cold and controlling workaholic, as he pushes the band to become number one. Growing up with an alcoholic father, he and his older sister learned to be independent at a young age.

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Nana Secondary

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Nana Secondary

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abimesina says...

Hate this character.

Jan 2, 2016
jazzminecolleen says...

I hate him. He makes me want to rage in capslock, but I'll refrain. I've never yelled so much at a character. He makes me so angry.

Sep 7, 2014
Starletka says...

JJR1971 - I agree completely

Aug 16, 2012
JJR1971 says...

Just finished all 47 episodes of Nana.  I so wanted to really hate this guy, but damn my own intellectual honesty, I just can't demonize him like my gut wants to.  He actually steps up and does the right thing.  He continues to treat Nana K. with kindness and affection, in his own awkward ways.  He's kind of a jerk, yes, but so are all the other guys in this story.  He's smart, understands the biz, keeps his cool.  He is a lot like Yasu...he fills the role for Trapnest that Yasu does for Blast.

I feel bad for Nobu, but Nana K. made plenty of her own mistakes...like not getting on the pill like her roommate, say...

I started watching Takumi like  a hawk, waiting for him to do the one horrible thing that would let me hate and despise him completely but it never really came.  Even when he basically forced himself on Nana that one morning in her own apartment, I can understand the jealous rage and possessiveness that must have motivated him at that moment.  Over time,  I even found myself developing a kind of grudging respect for this character.  I don't particularly like him and I wouldn't have him as a friend, but based on the 47 episodes I've seen (haven't read the Manga), I can't squeeze him into an easy, moustache-twirling simple villian archetype because he simply doesn't fit and defies easy characterization....he has redeeming qualities that frustrate any such effort.

More than once he continued to show genuine affection and care for Nana K., and didn't bear any malice or ill will towards Nana O.  Just can't hate the guy as purely as I'd like to.

Apr 15, 2012
iilovemils says...

i know that feel 'bro'   :'( .

nobuo x hachi <3

Mar 17, 2012