Alt titles: Leafa

Suguha KIRIGAYA main image

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FeelyFeel says...

"japan does incest so its okay"

Annoying piece of shit character. Her 'love' to her oni-chan was weird as fuck, and made no sense whatsoever. Just because Japan is into these types of relationships regarding brotherxsister, cousin relationships, doesn't make it any less weird and annoying.

Feb 6, 2015
jjasonrev says...

Brocon nuffsaid

but i prefer boobs over swords so she has my like.

Dec 13, 2014
HolyNightmare says...

A big slut with big breasts that wants her "brother's" D. That's literally all I think of her as.

If she was in an ecchi or something similar then I wouldn't have a problem with her but SHE DOESN'T BELONG HERE, she's one of the many things that made SAO the most disappointing anime I've ever seen. 

Oct 15, 2014
ChaoticSilence says...

Automatically hate someone just cause they want their cousin's D? Gimme a break!

Aug 13, 2014