Aka: Leafa

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Himitsu23 says...

So, basically, Kirito with boobs

Oct 12, 2016
artemisjinx says...

Annoying character

Jun 5, 2016
reddishgrey says...

Okay, I've tried to watch it like everything's fine but MAN. That's incest. No. Ew.

Feb 21, 2016
MissH says...

I don't know why but I really didn't like her. She just rubbed me up the wrong way! I found the fact that she was suddenly in love with Kirito, her cousin, annoying and pointless. I also didn't like how she became a main character or that her strange love became a plot line. I think I disliked her too because her love for Kirito, sort of took Kirito away from Asuna a little bit. It's like we had to watch him pay more attention to her just so that she was happy and didn't feel ignored. Never mind the fact that he's just spent two years fighting for his life and trying to rescue Asuna! Just as long as Suguha was centre of attention - ugh. I also disliked her because she was mean to the dude who did actually like her and she was just one of those annoying "I can take care of myself" characters.

Feb 20, 2016
Kyokosakura1 says...

I love Suguha but unfortunately they stuck her in a terrible anime where her and Lisbeth were the only good characters. 

Jul 20, 2015