Aka: Leafa

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nekosamanao Dec 22, 2016

Didn't like her at first... but she got over Kirito and Asuna so I started to like her lol

NaRayquaza Nov 24, 2016

I see so many mean comments... Too bad. My hopes were higher...

Just because Suguha and Kirito are cousins means NOTHING. NOTHING I say.It's not that incest is not right here in Europe or America and in Japan is right... It's more like that nobody can understand love. So, she loves her brother? Well...

FIRST THING: It's HER life. You are disgusted by incest by WATCHING this show? By watching "other people's life"? I mean, are you watching it or are you INSIDE the show? So Suguha is cousin to you all and she is saying to EVERYONE OF YOU that she loves you? No? Sorry, I was wrong... How could you be disgusted then?

SECOND THING: Don't think I am an incestfag. I am 19 now, and when I was little my parents taught me that incest is bad, and the thought of just kissing, for example, a cousin or a sister seemed strange infact (say disgusting is a bit too much). Now, I DON'T love any of my sister/s or cousin/s, but what if that happened? Would I be ashamed of myself for that? Or would I just said it to that person? Like I said before, nobody can understand love, so it's not impossible a thing like this. Plus, from my point of view there were moments when Suguha seems ashamed for loving her cousin, she is human after all.

THIRD THING: You all say that she is annoying. Sorry, but can you say to me WHEN she was annoying? She never said to Kirito that he had to leave Asuna. The person she loved was just too far away and he already had a girlfriend; why trouble him more? She kept it for herself. She is more strong than it seems. Then decided to start again. But then, damn... The other person she fall in love with was the same person. It was always Kirito. When I thought about it the first time I feeled so bad. Why she had to be so unlucky? Plus there was that Recon-asshole to annoy her. But the scene where she said to Kirito that she loved him was a bit too tragic, yeah, even thought I love her I could not cry.Now, I don't want to flame, but I find Asuna more annoying, especially in those episodes where she forced Kirito to make a party with her (in the games Asuna is even worse, play them, one of her most annoying thing is that she has ALWAYS to blame Kirito for something he never did or for something that happened because of another character).

FOURTH THING: Maybe now you think I am crazy because I said things like "her life" or "she is human". I think the truth is that you all that hate her because you hate incest, and you didn't expect to find an incest thing in a "normal" anime like SAO. Remember that Kawahara is an hikkikomori, SAO is born from one of his hikkikomori fantasy with him and his "ideal woman" (waifu). To say it better: Kirito and Asuna. He said that he see himself in Kirito. Did you ever read the first novel? It was crappy. The MMO thing pratically didn't exist, it just start from Floor 74 after a very quick explanation of Floor 1, Kirito becomes op in no time and the defeat the 74th floor boss, then he fought Heathcliff, said really quick about Sachi and why he is a solo player to Asuna, killed Kuradeel, then confessed to Asuna, and then you know what happend. Yui, then Kayaba and then Aincrad fell. So, knowing this, WHAT KIND OF MASTERPIECE WOULD YOU EVER EXPECT? This incest-like things is one of the softest thing that may have happened in this show, trust me.

LAST THING: If there is an asshole to blame, that one is Kawahara. He just wanted to put an incest-character to make more sells into the story and, boom, here you are Suguha. Not that I hate her. If you still had not get it, I LOVE her. I think there never was a character that I loved like I love her. So, yeah, maybe the asshole is just me, since I'm saying asshole to the one who created this character, but still, there were other ways to introduce her. I also loved Fairy Dance Arc, but it was a bit forced and rushed. Just... There were other ways to introduce her, again. Without gaining all these haters and generating shitstorms (I've seen to many people complaining about SAO because of incest, not only in this site).

Himitsu23 Oct 12, 2016

So, basically, Kirito with boobs

artemisjinx Jun 5, 2016

Annoying character

reddishgrey Feb 21, 2016

Okay, I've tried to watch it like everything's fine but MAN. That's incest. No. Ew.