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Rica213 Jan 30, 2016

This guy is I think the character I hate the most in one piece

katy60974 Aug 30, 2015

Hate this guy so much. I hate the way he tortured and Dragged Robin.

soulkisuke Aug 12, 2015

10/10 Loved this character so much. THIS is how you treat your woman everyday. You pull out your Elephant-Sword and you push her down the stairs when she acts up, and doesn't make you a sandwich. She falls like 3 steps and then you drag her to the kitchen to force her to make you a sandwich. Then when she doesn't want to you bust out ye olde' Elephant-Sword again and make her.

KnightOfCydonia Mar 10, 2015

The way he treated Robin is what pushed me over the edge. You don't just drag a defenseless woman by the hair, kicking and punching her as you do it, and proceed to remind her how everyone she loved is dead, and everyone who she loves is going to die. What a bag of dicks.

AllantheCat Mar 25, 2014

I haven't seen you yet, and I already hate you more than most, Spandam.