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Sousuke AIZEN

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sedated4ever avatar sedated4ever
Feb 16, 2011

like the others said, he became a boring character, but only because it took then so long to actually do anything, the manga has gone for 10 years, the reasons we're sick of him is cause he didnt do anything after the first two years, same with anime, he was reduced to barely a supporting character for 200 episodes, removing his menace and rendering him dull

Menlinta avatar Menlinta
Jan 21, 2011

His plan to trick everyone in the Soul Society that he was dead was pretty cool, but now he's starting to loose my attention now that he's starting to get boring. He'd better start to do something like kill Ichigo or I'm just going to loose interest in Bleach altogether.

Skygryphon avatar Skygryphon
Oct 18, 2010

Aizen was an excellent villian when he first revealed his betrayal at the end of the SS Arc, what with it being a great twist ending...but now, he's been reduced down to nothing but a mindless cardboard cutout with little to no individuality. He's not even a tiny bit likable at this point...it's a pity Kubo decimated such a potentially great character.

Buumis avatar Buumis
Sep 12, 2010

overpowered godmode using noob -.-

zombieiscool avatar zombieiscool
Aug 16, 2010

I don't like him not because he's the villian, but he's so incredibly boring and lame. Tite should have made Aizen with a stronger personality.

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