Sousuke AIZEN

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JustmeFS says...

Great villain

Apr 5, 2015
KawaiiShinigami says...

I finished Bleach a while ago, but one character that forever will be carved into my heart, is Sousuke Aizen. He is a GENIUS, he is a mastermind and no one can compare to him in intelligence in this show. I respect him for that. At the same time though, he's a sarcastic, tricky, sneaky, deceiving little piece of fecal matter. I hate him for his...evilness. I don't know if that's a word or not, but I used it anyway. I choose to dislike Sousuke because of his actions and attitude, but I do like him for his cunning intelligence.

Mar 7, 2015
FeelyFeel says...


Feb 21, 2015
SynRG says...

Most animes find some way to make you see things from the villians point of view and relate to them. Aizen isn't one of them. You don't love to hate Aizen. You just hate him. That's right Aizen. I don't forgive you.

Dec 8, 2014
NingenSucker says...

Why is this fucktard so popular? He's not only one of the worst written villains in history, he also became the most embarrassing anime character ever and went through so many stupid and ridiculous transformations in the end, after beeing cool and quite interesting the whole time before!

Jul 5, 2014