Sousuke AIZEN

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PurpleCatAngel says...

People hate Aizen because he lies, tricks, kills and gives people the wrong idea. I knew he was going to be bad news the first moment I saw him in the episode he first appeared in.

Jul 28, 2013
Fiif says...

Find it hard that people hate him. I have always used this to rate characters I love and hate the design of. If I am meant to hate a character on a personal level and I do then that character was well designed. Also Aizen is about the only reason I watched bleach past episode 100 if he wasn't so badass I'd have given up way earlier (which I wish I did after they ended it in such a horrible horrible way)

Apr 17, 2013
sayomi says...

why do people hate him?

Mar 4, 2013
deideiblueeyez says...

I am NOT a fan of Bleach as a series, but there's something about this guy that I like..maybe his debonair aura around him? His cunning? His sociopathic tendencies? What can I say, I like the crazy hotties, LOL

Feb 20, 2013
llVIU says...

people just hatin' cuz he went from total dork (glasses) to fucking badass main antagonist (no glasses)... but yeah overpowered, I like his zanpaktou power, wasn't expecting that, but near his end it was really stupid how he had the same mary-sue luck as ichigo, good thing he got his ass kicked, but I wish it was by gin, not that asshole ichigo that saved the day yet again... gin didn't even get any credit at all! come on! I hope aizen kills the dumbasses that decided it was a better idea to just keep aizen alive for some reason (even  tho I thought shitigami only lived 1000-2000 years, yet he's at 20k years?)

Oct 7, 2012