Sousuke AIZEN

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Drastica Mar 27, 2016

I hated him so, so much when I watched the anime, but then I read the manga and realized how hot he is. Just opened my eyes one day and got blinded by the light of his dazzling good looks. His undercover persona just wasn't my thing and then he acted like a dick, so I was pissed off, but when he's the perfect example of my beloved "hot as he is evil" type it's hard to stay mad.

TenBN Jan 8, 2016

This guy is OP like Master Yi 15/0/0 full build in 25 mins

TheIceQueen Jan 1, 2016

started out badass, then he became a butterfly...

AnimeGuy18 Dec 29, 2015

My favorite anime character of all time. Just an amazing villian. He basically orchestrated all of bleach lol Aizen is a mastermind! Made the show imo

lifetheadult Nov 14, 2015

He fucking killed my favorite character