Sousuke AIZEN

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2DWatcher Feb 6, 2017

This antagonist is so unique, you just can't hate this guy.

NaRayquaza Nov 24, 2016

I can't hate him. He is an antagonist with style imho. I kind of admire him.

silviepie Sep 3, 2016

I don't dislike him for the same reason most people. I just think he's too much of a deus ex machina villain - Kubo totally bullshitted his way through writing this character. I'm really surprised that he ranks so high on fans' favorite villains list. 

deideiblueeyez Aug 2, 2016

One of trollingest, smug, self-centered, ruthless, calculating magnificent bastards I have ever come across. 

PurpleCatAngel Apr 21, 2016

I may have said how Aizen was despicable before, but after watching all of Bleach, I dub hi number one on my villains list. Plus without the glasses he's really hot and I name him my husbando; number one husbando😍