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DhanaRagnarok Dec 27, 2016

Went from little guy with zero self-confidence to someone so much greater than Kamina, anyone who complaints about it most likely never looked past episode 10 or so.

Simon had always been the bite to Kamina's bark, and once Kamina left the scene, he was able to develop and flourish as a leader.

He was never as boisterous as Kamina, but he used galaxies as shurikens once, and that's pretty cool too.

Alquds98 Aug 9, 2016

When Kamina died Simon just became Kamina but not as cool eh kamina should not have died the show would have been better.

Ninja95 Feb 26, 2016

He's the reason I dropped this anime. The series died with Kamina

lb2rocklee Oct 25, 2015


If anyone had it the worst it was Simon no doubt. He lost his parents to the tremors from the Beastmen. His own blood borther, Kamina, died right in front of him and took all the blame for it. His own friend Rossiu put him on trial and he was forsaken by his own people in his own government. He fought for the same people that shunned him, just so they can live in peace without the anti-spirals, knowing that Nia would disappear. And then he lost Nia. 

His character development was the best no doubt. Started as Simon the digger, ended as Simon the digger. 

Duraftu Jul 17, 2015

XaronAngel, Kamina died because he was a reckless idiot and honestly, both the team and humanity would have never gone as far as it did if he hadn't.