Sex: Male
Hair Color: Brown
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Guilty Crown Main
Guilty Crown Kiseki: Reassortment Main

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Guilty Crown Main

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nukedboom says...

The only difference I can find between him and Shinji is that he actually did something.

Jan 2, 2015
ZKMsphere says...

This guy...THIS GUY makes me wanna dropkick a fucking baby...I was thinking of dropping this anime because of this horrible main but my friends says the he will turn into a better character later on,I'm halfway through and I hope that the change will come soon...

Aug 26, 2013
Natsuru says...

Well I kinda hated him halfway(episode 14-19 or something) but I loved him the remaining time. I don't think that he was that bad of a character in episode 1-12 only at that part where he wasn't sure whether to believe Gai or not. I still like Guilty Gear and I hope that the last episode will be badass.

Mar 17, 2013
zetsubo666 says...

This main character is the best example for anyone who creates entertainment of any kind not to make a main character like him ever. Also the first time a single character has made me stop watching a series I mean every single scene with this guy will make you cringe I listened to people on this site who said he gets better after 12 episodes but really the cruel truth is that he doesn't.

I had to put up with the torture of watching this terrible, terrible, terrible charater for 12 episodes and all I am rewarded with is a minor change that doesn't even help much. Honestly the support characters are vastly superior I don't see how anyone could dislike Gai the leader of the rebels who is far more appealing in every way and would of made a superb main character.

Okay onto why Shuu Ouma is so terrible, he has no likeable qualities literally none well maybe if you are a girl you might find him attractive or something otherwise none. However he has plenty of dislikable qualities. He is selfish, (Doesn't acknowledge the pain of his friends or his childhood female friend) spoilt, (thinks he is the only one who has it tough when he really doesn't) He is a yandare male (basically is obssessed with the main female to the point where every action he does is for her. Also flips out with jealousy towards Gai because main female is kind and looks after him).

Must sound pretty bad so far but it gets worse he whines all the time then tells the rebels who he is fighting for just because the main female is doing so that their tactics are cruel and inhumane when they are doing their best to minimize casualities. Then he throws a hissy fit like a spoilt brat when they don't appreciate him belittling Gai and his tactics the same person who works damn hard to keep the rebels alive and is more hurt than anyone else when they die. The most painful part is the fact that he is only involved pretty much because he took something that didn't even belong to him and should of been given to Gai.

On a final note its also extremely depressing how this character seems to attract a harem of women despite being a selfish whiney dick. So he is such a bad main character he makes the support characters bad for just liking him. Shame really guilty crown would have been a vastly superior serious without this useless crap sack of a main character in all my years I have never seen a main character as bad as him.

Feb 28, 2013
MordredMS says...

I'm not the kind of guy who only likes "badass" characters...I mean, a good three-dimensional character NEEDS to have some conflict, some development, some weakness, or we'd be back to the sixties all over again...heck I think Shinji Ikari is one of the best characters ever in anime. But dear God is Shuu pretentiously written...he's not LIKE Shinji Ikari, he's TRYING, desperately, to be like both Shinji and Lelouch, but fails to grasp what made those characters great. Clumsily written, incoherently developed, and it's even trying to be all deep and troubled...when really, his only trauma in life is the loss of his sister during Lost Christmas, something that happened to half fucking Japan. A loving mother, a group of friends, an obvious childhood-friend-with-a-crush, and you try to get me to believe he's all pussy and weak and insecure? Seriously.

Aug 19, 2012