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sammyjo06 says...

It's difficult to make someone who ruthlessly murders or causes the murder of people to be sympathetic, but Psycho Pass manages to do that with this guy. His thoughts on how the system basically raises people as livestock, nourishing them, applying their labor as appropriate to their talents, and forcing them all to stay in a happy, content state of mind or face punishment, and how he just wanted to escape that were what sealed the deal for me on how much I like this guy.

We can't judge him based on our moral standards in our own society, because by those measurements, this guy was a monster. We can't imagine the fear he had of being aware that he lived in a completely stagnant society where no one experiences any stress or extremes of emotion whatsoever, where no one makes any but the simplest of decisions, where people's hearts literally stop beating because there is nothing driving them.

He just wanted to make things move, to make life happen, to make people feel anything at all. He searched for interesting people with motivations that didn't jive with what the system wanted their "flock" to do and facilitated meetings with people capable of providing the means for them to fulfill their objective. That was how he gave his life meaning.

Jan 18, 2016
jennikifm says...

I agree with all of you 



       Plus, he's smoking hot <3 XD

Dec 15, 2015
xCanaxCherry says...

Magnificent bastard indeed.

Aug 29, 2015
Hadeel says...

One of the best characters. EVER.

Aug 14, 2015
SeprithLiCastia says...

Rarely has the term "humanist" been applied to an antagonist, but that is what this man self identifies himself as. A fan of classic literature and a theorist on the nature of the "human soul," this brilliant man will no doubt leave you questioning your own life as much as the characters on the screen.

"No enforcement required," indeed.

Aug 11, 2015