Alt titles: The Sewing-Life Alchemist

Shou TUCKER main image

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frankstleBilly says...

Over a year of watching anime. Nearly watched 100. And yet out of all characters, I still haven't found one I hate as much as this cunt right here ^_° fuck you Shou Tucker. She was just a little girl, let alone your fucking DAUGHTER >:(

Sep 10, 2014
Exanna says...

This guy pissed me out! Doing such experiments with your family.. How heartless..

Aug 18, 2014
NimbusCloud says...

Ugh this guy was the worst! I hate this guy. The things that he did just made me wanna hurl. But the fact that i hated him so much made fullmetal that much more enjoyable to watch

Aug 15, 2014
RikkuNyan says...

yeah f*** this guy,seriously

Aug 10, 2014
FlutterBOSS says...


Aug 2, 2014