Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #329
Rank #271

Ditzy, oft-sleepy and excessively busty Shizuka is Fujimi Academy's school nurse. Her mammoth mammaries double as a pillow and frequently slosh, jiggle and bounce their way into others' hands or take up the majority of the screen on a regular basis. Though often confused about what's going on, Shizuka has her students' best interests at heart.

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Anime Roles

Highschool of the Dead Main
Highschool of the Dead OVA Main

Manga Roles

Highschool of the Dead Main

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TheIceQueen Mar 22, 2016

She's so ditzy and aloof, i could tell she had good intentions but she was so dumb i'm surprised she didn't kill them all.

Littleshotaboy Mar 1, 2016

I don't hate Shizuka because she has huge tits.I hate her because of the fact that she makes absolutley no sense. She's a nurse, yet she posesses the mental intelligence of someone with an iq of a turkey.  How in the world is someone who is too inane to realize she's forgotten to put her clothes on get a degree in order to become an RN??!?  How does she even know how to drive?  She's canonically too dumb to realize when she's naked during a zombie apocoplypse. I don't mind fanservice, I don't mind it one bit.  But when a character is literally only good for her jiggling mameries, don't give her a lead role.  There is no reason in hell this dim-wit should still be alive in the zombie apocolypse.  I was seriously hoping she'd be killed off right away.  I guess it goes beyond that.  Shizuka is the personofication of misogyny.  She's every stereotype that every man has ever used to make women seem like they are inept and brainless.  She's there to laugh at, she's there for sexual arousal, and that's it.  She has no depth, she has no likable traits.  I think she may be my least favorite anime character of all time.  

hintoko Dec 23, 2015

i really hate this slut =v

Altair3140 Jul 15, 2015

I wonder what drugs she's on throughout the show.

Like the first episode some guy gets eaten in front of her and she's like 'What are you, whoa, eh? 'kay."

Then samurai girl comes along and "rips her skirt" and she's all like "No that's expensi- oh well, yep."

charvisioku Jun 20, 2014

I don't normally like characters who are purely there for fan service but Marikawa's hilarious. This is the kind of ecchi I don't mind - actually gets laughs as opposed to just being boner material for neckbeards.