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WolfyCloud says...

Shinn Asuka has to be the most annoyingly stupid characters I have ever come across. I mean at first it was understandable from where he was coming from but even so he doesn't change. He remains a stubbornly idiotic character.

He acts as if he is the only tragic hero, the only one who knows whats best. What I absolutely hated was the fact that he didn't even try to understand the others. Not only that but considering every one that died as a consequence of his actions, there is no remorse. He thinks nothing of his enemies and continues to fight ignoring the consequences of his actions. 

Jan 14, 2014
Kpnut says...

Incredibly annoying character. Everything he says (or yells more liekly) annoys me purely because it scresms "I'm a special little snowflake, and if your opinion/views are different from mine they're wrong and the entire world revolves around me me me" and that kind of character seriously pisses me off.

The other thing is he claims to have beaten the Freedom and makes it seem as if he did all on his own with no outside help but Rey had to pretty much TELL him how to win, so in reality Shinn didn't beat the Freedom Rey did.

May 29, 2013
leoedo9530 says...

A childish, egotistical and stupid boy from ep 1 to ep 50, being treated like a mindless puppet betraying everything in his path just becuase he is angry with the world. Everyone tries to help him and he just goes into emo-nobodyunderstandsme-mode. Honestly, he single-handendly ruined the whole series

Dec 7, 2012

What the hell is up with him... -_-

Stop yelling all the time, you make my ears bleed!

Jul 26, 2012