Shikamaru NARA

Shikamaru NARA main image

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Webtooner says...

Charming dude and sexy brain.

Sep 6, 2014
hitachi21 says...

oh, my smart boy :">

Jun 10, 2014
Indigobug says...

Yes! I love Shikamaru! His episodes are the best!

Sep 18, 2013
taleeza says...

My first episode was his match in the Chunin exams. He was so awesome I thought he was the main character. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a whiny Sakura/Sasuke -obsessed (I think he may have a thing for Sasuke more) brat.

Jul 15, 2013
tootalls says...

This guy is my all time favourite anime character. 

He is similer to me in certain ways, like being lazy, lossing time looking at the clouds and most of all, thinking deeply before acting.

I'm a fan of the game of chess. So it's cool that he enjoys the japaneese equivilent.

I love the fact that he was able to become a chunin before all of the other main genins.

There is so much I can say why but whats important to know is I love this character!

Nov 9, 2012