Shiemi MORIYAMA main image

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DoodlebugFour says...

Shiemi, aka Orihime 2.0

not even Kana Hanazawa can't save her from growing a nasty hatedom

Apr 27, 2015
RuSpanielExorcist says...

I never really liked Shiemi while watching Blue Exorcist.

Jan 20, 2015
MariaTimeBomb says...

She's really annoying >.>

Dec 27, 2014
Exanna says...

She's so annoying.. Why does she deserves al the attention? Please don't hate me for my opinion.. But I absolutly hate her.. 

Sep 27, 2014
BattalionX says...

Omg she is so fucking retarded and annoying, i am thinking of ways to butcher her every times she is on screen.

Aug 27, 2014