Seishin MUROI

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #1,851
Rank #462
Seishin MUROI

Seishin is a junior monk at the local temple who has been friends with Toshio and Mikiyasu since childhood. He is an intelligent young man who writes books on the side, which are particularly popular with the Kirishiki. Calm and collected, he has a quiet and brooding personality, which is reflected in the plots of his novels.

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Hadeel says...

Fuxking bastard. Why didn't you get burned, you shit?!

He's such a weak-ass character with absolutely no clear motifs. Like, make up your fuxking mind. Actually, don't. The time when you "made up" your mind, you ruined everything. Thanks, asshole. 

Maybe I'd have liked him just a little more as a character if he was less of a hypocritical weak-ass shit. 

Sep 18, 2016
thebarfscarf says...

Animefreak17a is too much of a weepy wittle coward to come down here in the street with thebarfscarf! I'm callin' him a straight up punk!

Aug 30, 2015
thebarfscarf says...

Animefreak17a is wrong because he sucks. Seishin was a traitor who is responsible for thousands of deaths. Any and EVERYONE Sunako feeds on after the series concludes is on HIM. His parents deaths are on HIM. If only someone had told him in his youth that you're supposed to slice up and not across. 

Aug 18, 2015
Whitesnow says...

I really like him he was my favorite character until he sided with those bloodsucking pigs he even saves that demon bitch -the one who cause his father's death- he betrayed his own people for that century-old murderer! He disappoints me! Really!! He was very disgusting! I dunno why I can't hate him maybe because I find him really cute? 

Jul 27, 2015
animefreak17a says...

best charecter in the series .... better then that bastard doctor

Jul 22, 2015