Aka: Dusk Taker

Seiji NOUMI main image

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Jennosaur says...

To be frank I fast-fowarded on some of his long rants bc I couldn't stand his FACE BEING ON THE SCREEN SJCNKJDCNKJCFNKD

Dec 2, 2014
KeiNiwa says...

This guy is f**king annoying that I want to punch in his face every time I see his face. >:(

Probably the #2 hated character personally, right after School Days's Makoto Itou.

Nov 8, 2014
hexicdragon says...

No character in any game, movie, or show has made me want to punch in the face so bad.

Feb 19, 2014
Ajedi32 says...

This guy just rubs me the wrong way...

Dec 9, 2013
SirJosh says...

he looked amazing in the last fight scene, TOTALLY AMAZING (if you know what i mean)

Aug 4, 2013