Alt titles: Dusk Taker

Seiji NOUMI main image

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hexicdragon says...

No character in any game, movie, or show has made me want to punch in the face so bad.

Feb 19, 2014
Ajedi32 says...

This guy just rubs me the wrong way...

Dec 9, 2013
SirJosh says...

he looked amazing in the last fight scene, TOTALLY AMAZING (if you know what i mean)

Aug 4, 2013
SANC16 says...

I have a policy of not commenting anymore but for this fecker I'll make an exception. Attempted rape and daily sadism puts this...person... easily among one of the 3 biggest monsters in anime. Just think of the wreck he could have done if he had political power! He might make even the leaders of Zeon look moderate and pacifistic.

Jul 30, 2013
DinomotoMennovi says...

Truly, he is a purely hateable character.

Everytime he appeared in the anime, I felt like punching him ever so hard.

Jul 4, 2013