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Nyu55 says...

So sexy :3

Jan 5, 2016
Reverend says...

I can relate to Grell's obsession with this deadly sexy demon but it is a very clear fact that a Sebby-chan fan never shares... Besides only real men (or demon) can love cats and kill people with cutlery.

He cooks and he cleans, he kills and smiles doing so, he is a sadistic demon with the urge to mangle and mutilate any one who dares lay a finger on his master..... what more can one ask of a demon? 

Dec 25, 2015
peejeepie says...

And I love his cat obsession!

Nov 12, 2015
peejeepie says...

I don't know about Sebastian. I don't hate him. He's cool and all...but he's so perfect it almost makes him bland. Still I guess he's pretty cool.

Nov 12, 2015
gothicflowerchild says...

I love Sebasu-Chan!!!!! Grell back off MINE!! 

Oct 20, 2015