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Transporter says...

I think he's one of the best characters in the history of every manga... can't understand all the hate.

Dec 2, 2016
Yotoko14 says...

After all the times sasuke tried to kill Naruto and Sakura they still want him back in the village?

Nov 17, 2016
StaBAnime says...

He is so ungrateful and arrogant with the only ones who really care for him 

Oct 7, 2016
IhsanFahim says...

Why the hell he is so much hated??

I think hes nice.

Oct 5, 2016
uhMayzedHD says...

I am triggered.

You can't understand Sasuke Uchiha unless you look at the character from his point of view. I don't see why he is so hated he is extremely well develop character and I find him more interesting then Naruto Uzumaki.

Aug 20, 2016