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SakuraBell Feb 19, 2017

this guys an asshole

SkylarOnIce Jan 31, 2017

I think I broke the broken heart button.....

DhanaRagnarok Dec 28, 2016

The main issue with Sasuke for me is not so much is personality as how he is treated by everyone else.


No, seriously. After all the hateful things he did, Naruto still sees him as his best friend (aside from that one time against Haku, Sasuke never gave a flying fuck about him, but let's pass), Sakura is still in love with him, when he tries to kill Killer Bee only A wants him dead...

The guy wasn't so bad as a prideful, power-hungry fool with a crushing inferiority complex. He could have been interesting, but then everybody acts like he's a good guy when he OBVIOUSLY ISN'T...

And don't get me started on him being the reincarnation of some near-deity ("Fate said so" that REALLY your explanation for that guy being ailed as a hero despite EVERYTHING he did?) and the utter hax that is the Sharingan.

Naruto worked hard to gain the Rasengan (and Sage Mode), then luck and random power-ups made him legendary.

Sasuke is the same: he worked hard for the Chidori, then his cursed mark carried him until he got his Mangekyu Sharingan.

It is just so infuriating that he just gets away with everything he pulls and we're still supposed to feel bad for him!

Transporter Dec 2, 2016

I think he's one of the best characters in the history of every manga... can't understand all the hate.

Yotoko14 Nov 17, 2016

After all the times sasuke tried to kill Naruto and Sakura they still want him back in the village?