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Ghxstie says...

I really love Sasuke, he's got such a complex perosnality (as does his brother Itachi..Possibly an Uchiha thing? xD) I think the anime wouldn't be as interesting without him. Many of you may all hate him....But what would the anime be like without him? And Naruto wouldn't really have anyone to compete with...A rivalry that makes him stronger. Sasuke may have done some crazy things but he lost his whole family, you can't expect him to be normal. Death changes you, he just happened to have changed in a way that wasn't so good. But he latr came back..Didn't he?

Apr 16, 2016
jenit says...

i am reading the comments and most of the people are fucking retarded such retarded sense of logic to hate a character cause he is emo? how is he emo retards ? do u all even know the meaning of emo ? call him idiot for trying to destroy the village and what did village did for him ididots ? if u all dont understand his character than shut up kids character development dont mean that character should be morally good geez kids even dont know what is chaeacrer develpoment he is the only member of team 7 who is most developed and u all find that nardo good who is the worst mc i have ever seen u all like him why ? cause of his quotes all folks like him for that he is just a japanese john cena  do u all people are small kids assholes 

Apr 2, 2016
thinkverse says...

I don't see how people can hate Sasuke, fucking love him!

Mar 14, 2016
TheIceQueen says...

there are A. LOT. of long winded rants on here, fact of the matter is that you care way to much. you probably spent a couple hours thinking of the perfect way to roast a FREAKING ANIME CHARACTER, there those minutes go, alittle more of your life wasted.

Feb 25, 2016
KaiMirai says...

The most hated couple goes to........................Sasuke and Sakura! Congratulations!!!

Feb 20, 2016