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XxUnluckyStarxX says...

This character was very  designate to naruto she would hit him for no reason ater he save her life multiple unforunately she was disposting i throught she was going to be awesome you know pink hair like amu hinamori . I don't how you can treat somebody like that after they save you're life multiple . that and her absorption with Sasuke was kid of annoying . i don't know why he married her or even't had kid with sakura . In my opinion i believe that karin uzumaki would be a better chose  for Sasuke as a wife then sakura i nerver saw any love attraction to Sakura anyways . I like pink hair  and that she and medical ninja . I wish she was nicer to naruto :( . this just my opintion and my reasons

Aug 27, 2015
ExoticRoid says...

meh, probably 80% of her haters are just over-obsessed sasuke fangirls who go worse than sakura shouting all the "SASUKE!<3 HE IS THE COOLEST" "HE IS HOT/AWESOME!HE doesn't deserve sakura! >:(" okay F*ck it, he is hot i agree xD "NOOO WHY 2ND HATED CHAR! :'(" bullshit. ....chill, go read some SasukexReader stuff or whatsoever on the internet :p

i bet if sakura was a boy the fangirls will magically love her and draw some yaoi fanarts or whatever, lel

Aug 27, 2015
Shenichi says...

Sakura is cooler than all her haters combined (*^_^*)

Aug 27, 2015
Kuroneko1316 says...

UGH i hate her! shes always like "SASUKE SASUKE SASUKE!" and she thinks her childhood was oh so terrible since she was called names. 

Aug 26, 2015
babysapphire says...

She is the worst character ever

Aug 15, 2015