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Sakura1senpai Jun 19, 2016

Sakura is the queen. She has the most improvement in naruto, she is the strongets girl in naruto 😈shez the best and all u haters fuck u 

TheIceQueen Jun 16, 2016

Rip, character development, you will be missed.

sazzle22 May 21, 2016

I understand why people hate her, but Sakura had so much potetional and Kishomto ruiened it, I wanted her to grow up and get over Sasuke, so she can be with someone that loved her and cared for her.

Reginsrg Apr 22, 2016

omg how can she be the most hated character

lGeneralFluffl Apr 18, 2016

sakura may not be the best character but how can she be the most hated when there are so many other characters out there that are so much worse then sakura (a.k.a pedo from sword art)