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AlannahChan says...

I've watched quite a lot of different animes and encountered many annoying characters, but none have irritated me as much as Sakura does. She is Utterlly useless in the first 200+ episodes yet finds the need to criticise everone else. 

Yes she gets stronger in Shippuden, but everyone gets stronger and she is still on no par to Naruto or Saskai and remains in the way- Also she is still Saskai crazy and annoying as hell.

There are times when I can't even watch naruto because seeing her on screen gives me the urge to scream and claw my eyes out. - slight exaggeration

I genuienly can't stand her and can't begin to wonder what kind of character they were trying to develop. If they thought giving her 'super human strength' and healing abilities would make her more likeable then they're very wrong. 


Of all this, the thing that drives me the most crazy is her delayed reactions - if she just stabbed obito like instructed this whole 'end of the world destruction drama' would not be dragging out till the end of time, I hope they alter the anime and she gets trapped in the infinite tsukuyomi forever.

Oct 28, 2015
Palt says...

Wow, people are relentless to anyone who gave Naruto and undue amount of crap.  Think her biggest offences are saying Naruto is the way his is because he didn't have parents (thank goodness he wasn't there to hear that) and her fake confession to manipulate him. 

Oct 26, 2015
CyanFoxxi says...

She's so annoying... jeeze. I mean, I know she's 'special' to Naruto and all... yeah, yeah.But, GOD she was so god awfully USELESS through the majority of the anime -_-

I actually writhed on the floor ( quite dramatically I might add >_> ) at her attempts to be useful and getting Naruto into a bind.

.__. *makes shooing motions with her hand* "Go sit somewhere Sakura. Just... just shh and let the real ninjas do stuff, mmkay?" ^^;

Though I must admit, her punching the crap out of things was always amusing. :3

Oct 23, 2015
FabulousAnimeOtaku says...

I HATED her in the original. She was so mean to Naruto and a stupid fangirl to Sasuke. In Shippuden she got better though. But when Sasuke comes back, SHE TURNS INTO A FANGIRL AGAIN. Even after he tried to kill her. And literally, if she had just fricking *SPOILER* stabbed Obito's eye, that would have saved the whole world and probably another 50 episodes of pointless fighting. Ugh. 

Oct 22, 2015
Destinyfreak says...


Oct 20, 2015