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robyn55555 says...

Sakuras story: OMG I got such a big forhead that is sóóóóóóóó bad. and now there is finally somebody who acceps me, but I fel in love with a guy and she is in love with him too. So I won't see her anymore even though everybody is in love with him and you should never abandon a great friend for a guy. and even though she is the first great friend I ever had and she knows I am in love with him and just acceps it cause she just wants to stay friends I am still going to abandon her.

No she is not a total bitch what is everybody talking about :p.

Nov 28, 2012
IJPRayaBinSaeng says...

She's not useless at all! Without her, her comrades will DIE. Plus with the help of Chiyo, she defeated Sasori!

Nov 26, 2012
MFM says...

2nd most hatted? That's going a bit too far, don't you think? She aint perfect but overall she is a good character with good values and love and all that stuff. Furthermore, the 3rd is Shou Tucker. Honestly, I don't hate nor do I love Sakura, but Shou Tucker has to be one of the worst characters ever, how come Sakura is more hatted than him? I understand if you don't like her or/and hate her but 2nd? I'm shocked... It has to be because Naruto is watched by a lot of people so its characters get more votes I guess.

Nov 4, 2012
llVIU says...

soooo uhm... she loves some random guy that she stalked for years but never talked to, called sasuke... sasuke tries to kill her, but she says she loves him. This bitch is the very definition of "pitipoanca", the glitter-head narrow-minded 12-14 year old girls or justin bieber/justin timberlake etc fangirls... why is this bitch one of the main characters? yeah we get it, she's a bitch, stop showing us her ugly mug please. But seriously, why does she love someone she doesn't even know, isn't even simmilar to her, and hates her to the bone... she is like the embodiment of misogyny... well, even at that, she's a very dull embodiment

Oct 7, 2012
MoonXArtemis says...

I think that she is a great character. Sure, she doesn't have any special abilities, or doesn't have a monster inside of her, or she isn't a part of a special clan. She is as normal as one can get, in the ninja world that is.  People complain about how weak and useless she is. And yeah, compared to Naruto and Sasuke, she would sure seem like it. Also they don't leave her room to develop and grow her ninja skills. If everytime that she is in danger, and it would seem like she'll repel an attack or even duck from it, either Naruto, Kakashi or Sasuke step in front and "Defend" her.  She will never learn from her mistakes, she will never learn to deal with such attacks, and will never learn to defend herself correctly.  That is why she was so helpless in the Naruto series. 

But as time went by, when neither Naruto nor Sasuke were there, she now had the chance to develop her skills, and train to be a Medical Ninja.  Now forward 3 years later, and now she is of extreme value, and she is strong. With the help of the 5th Hokage who took her as an apprentice, she was able to develop her precise chakra control, and was able to become a great Medical Ninja, and also be as strong as her master.  For someone who didn't have something special to begin with I think she developed the most, speaking of the sakura from "Naruto" to "Naruto Shippuden". 

Sep 29, 2012