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Esira says...

OMG she is STILL useless even after 3 years of training!!!

why doesn't she just stop crying and do something useful???

when Pain attacked Konoha she did nothing but "let me see these injuries"

Aug 15, 2013
Magda says...

Aaaaaand the award for  the most useless character in the history of anime goes to Stupid B***h Sakura, who, for over 200 episodes has showed 0 improvement, but lots of bitching, only shouting "Saskey Saskey - the other most useless F***" and standing there doing nothing like the useless B***h she is.Over 200 episodes of uselessness, my god...

  The reason for drawing an utterly useless,annoying,stupid B***h who does nothing but bitch the entire series is the most misterious thing in the whole Universe for me. I will probably never find out the reason.

Aug 14, 2013
KushinaTachibana says...

I Hate Sakura....

1. She's Aggressive For No Reason

2. She Won't Stop Bitching About Sasuke


4. She Treats Naruto Like Shit For No Reason

5. She Won't Give Up On Sasuke No Matter How Many Times He Tries To Kill Her....

Jul 7, 2013
karolyzazz says...

LoL. She is probably most hated good (fights evil) character in all anime/manga world. Sakura is weak (mostly psychologically), but she isn't useless. Plus her weaknesses lets Naruto (as main MAIN character) shine more. Most of you hate here because of her blind love to Sasuke.

And you know what... this is a perfect example how to make a series more interesting. Creators of this story "used" Sakura intentionaly. It doesnt matter you Hate or love her. Bouth of these feelings towards Sakura just makes the show more popular. Its simple as that.

As for me. I like her a lot. Mainly because she is beautifull. :)

May 29, 2013
Ristencia says...

I hate this girl, she's a bitch for being so violent to Naruto. 

May 12, 2013