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GhostPanda says...

Where do I start? When Naruto is trying to save the world, she punches him. When they WORK TOGETHER, she punches him... When she doesn't get someone... You know who. She cries, for idk about TWO HUNDRED EPISODES, not adding flashbacks. She punches everything man. They should be scared of her destroying the world with her Bankai Goku punches... I mean her thoughts are nice, but after repeatedly doing the same thing gets annoying to a point to where you must leave a comment on why you dislike her. 

Mar 1, 2016
RosannaHarlock says...

I hate her too

Feb 29, 2016
LissyB says...

I am not a big fan of hers but why is she more hated than Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist?

Feb 28, 2016
MangaAnimeBitch says...

-_- Why are people hating on Sakura I get it she's annoyig!! Still she doesnt desurve to be hated this much!! She did help save many lives in the war she is kind to!!! I just dont think she desureves to be number 1 on most hated people I mean I hate eano more

                                                                             -Maka out

Feb 20, 2016
KatieNyaNya says...

Still Beats me why she is at the top and not quite a few others.

Feb 12, 2016