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Epimondas says...

I may end up hating her, but I am not there just yet.  It maybe nearly impossible not to hate her if she still obessively loves someone who turned traitor and evil.  It really doesn't say much about her morals or her character if she can love someone that worthless.  It would be like Thomas Jefferson's daughter falling for Benedict Arnold or Detective Gordon's daughter falling for the psychopath, Joker.  So far, I have not seen much from her.  She is literally relegated to the background.  There was only maybe 2 times or 3 tops when I really ever seen her fight much at all so far, and one was against the first sound ninja group in the chunin exams, another was on the boat during the tea village ritual race.  For a character who is supposed to be both pretty smart, and skilled at fighting she doesn't do much and she has poor taste in men.  It also speaks low of her, that the man she fell for was basically the first one she had a crush on and one that all the ladies did too.  So her reasons to fall for him were most likely all superficial and weak reasons to fall for anyone.  Reasons that turn out later to have all been an act.  Even if she is highly skilled later, or  a super cool character, if she continues to love someone as bad as that guy, it will always leave a huge black mark on her character overall.

Feb 5, 2016
DuuItNow says...

Favorite female character in the entire series. Orochimaru is my favorite overall.

Jan 19, 2016
Alexasx says...

she is seflish, ugly, useless, weak, annoying, bitchy, and much more. even kishi hates her

Jan 10, 2016
clickergirl says...

It was justified to hate her in the original series. I agree she was the most annoying character I had ever encountered. However,  she didn't  STAY that way. She recognized her uselessness and she trained with Tsunade. She recognized that sasuke didn't return her feelings and she stopped obsessing over him. She had the most character growth out of anyone in Naruto. She became a badass. She matured. She never stopped loving Sasuke,  but she learned to have more realistic expectations for him. She made her mistakes and she learned from them. She's not perfect. But she's realistic and she's relatable.

Dec 20, 2015
YangireQueen says...

Ok, I had no feelings towards this character in Naruto.  She came off as a hypocrite, and I didn't care enough to go all like, "SAKURA IS AN ANNOYING-ASS BITCH!"  And to be honest, for whoever says Sakura is the most annoying/useless character ever...Himeno from Pani Poni Dash <3.  In the first arc of Shippuden, I liked her.  She actually did something in the battle with Sasori, and managed to take a stab in the chest with a poisonous sword yet was still able to fight.  Then, arcs 2-about 9 happened.  This character that developed...was freaking wasted.  Sure, she had her key moments, but through that point, it was just the creator of Naruto putting her aside to focus on Naruto being the best basically.  During the shinobu war, she started showing that she wasn't as useless as everyone said, but AGAIN, the creator puts her aside for Naruto and Sasuke.  Come on, she had so much potential in that series, yet it was all wasted.  Although she did save Naruto and Sasuke, and in the Last, she helped Hinata and Naruto get together, got them all out of a high-level genjutsu trap, and proved that she wasn't a total bitch.  The only seriously annoying aspect I could find in Sakura is this: "SASUKE-KUNNN!!! <3 <3 <3!!!"  Honestly, Sasuke is a dbag.  Get over him already.  

Dec 7, 2015