Sakura HARUNO main image

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morangos says...

She's not hated because of Hinata, she's hated because she's annoying. 

Aug 7, 2015
NarutokurasakiNish says...

I don't know why!but I feel happy to see sakura as the most hated character! Damn she always gets on my nerve!

Jul 18, 2015
ShizoiroRitska says...

Ha-ha, Sakura is a leader at top-hated characters xDD

What about Sarada? >:-)

Jun 23, 2015
Tsubyaki says...

To all the haters- you suck. Especially if you are an avid Hinata fan.

Jun 21, 2015
Anna1D says...

She is number 1 most hated character omg

I can't say i love her, in some way she is really annoying and stupid. Even if Naruto saved her lots of times, and even if he cares about her, she always chose Sasuke over Naruto. Sasuke wants to kill her more than two times, like how you can still be in love with person who try to kill you?

At first episodes she was so useless, she didn't do nothing but standing and watching Naruto and Sasuke fight enemy, they always have to save her

Jun 11, 2015