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KawaiiPigChan says...

How the heck is she more hated than Orochimaru or Shou Tucker from FMA? I mean yeah, at the Zabuza arc, she only held her kunai and screamed, but that is not as horrible as turning your daughter into a freaky dog thing (FMA). Later on, Sakura was actually helpful, like defeating Sasori. And she becomes actually pretty later in the series. 

Mar 28, 2016
adenfauzan says...

She's annoying, useless, Mary Sue, UGLY, ungrateful, she depends in other people, she can't do anything by herself, she's a liar, a temperament person, she hurts everybody with no reason, she thinks she's beautiful and mature but is all opposite. She uses her friends to get what she wants and is totally forgiven for it. And the worst line I've ever heard from her that made me want to punch the shit out of her was: " If both Sasuke and Naruto are critically injured, who will I save first?" AS IF THAT'S A FUCKING DECISION YOU HAVE TO THINK EVEN ONCE ABOUT. Ugh. She's so annoying it pisses me off SO hard.(And I hope she gets killed)

Mar 5, 2016
GhostPanda says...

Where do I start? When Naruto is trying to save the world, she punches him. When they WORK TOGETHER, she punches him... When she doesn't get someone... You know who. She cries, for idk about TWO HUNDRED EPISODES, not adding flashbacks. She punches everything man. They should be scared of her destroying the world with her Bankai Goku punches... I mean her thoughts are nice, but after repeatedly doing the same thing gets annoying to a point to where you must leave a comment on why you dislike her. 

Mar 1, 2016
RosannaHarlock says...

I hate her too

Feb 29, 2016
LissyB says...

I am not a big fan of hers but why is she more hated than Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist?

Feb 28, 2016