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Alquds98 Jul 27, 2016

Tucker is worse than Sakura I mean Sakura is not great but she is no where near the worst anime character. At least he did not destroy his daughters life like tucker.

Maeri Jul 25, 2016

Lol, I never thought I'd see the day when Sakura is hated more than Shou Tucker who transmuted his daughter into and chimera and Makoto Itou who basically has sex with every girl in his entire school. Congrates  fandom for voting Sakura Haruno; a dedicated ninja to her village and comrades, as being worse than man whores, rapists, serial killers and psychopaths ! 

natayladonutz Jul 25, 2016

Sakura is seriously so amazing why tf is she number 1 most hated lmao

Riimaa Jul 5, 2016

HHAHAHAHA i love how she won first place most hated over all bad characters in every anime

Loveanime66 Jul 1, 2016

Why is she on this list, and NOT Light aka Kira😤