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foreveranimelover220 Feb 18, 2017

I can understand all of the hate against Sakura - I really can. She's whiny, she's annoying, she's obsessed with Sasuke for no good reason, she's conceited, she's constantly beating on and belittiling Naruto.

But, at the same time, Sakura grows. She changes and develops. She becomes a better person.

But because of Kishimoto-sensei's inability to write good female characters, all of her character growth becomes moot and pointless later on.

My problem is not with Sakura, but, rather, I have a problem with the way she is written.

xXAnimeWaifuXx Feb 8, 2017

 DUUDDDEE!! shes a 3/10 on my list.. i really hate how usless she is!!! if she wasn't as usless she would maybe bump up like to a 7/10... maaayybee

Benriya Feb 3, 2017

Never heard of her, just noticed that she's the most hated character XDDDD

deideiblueeyez Jan 16, 2017

She's good for shipping, I'll tell you h'wat.

PureHeroine Jan 3, 2017

@TAPUKOKO Same, i hate her to death ><