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RedHydra8 May 10, 2015

Even as a seven-year-old watching Naruto on Toonami, I was appaled by how selfish, violent, annoying, arrogant, bitter, unappreciative, bossy, mean-spirited, hot-headed, loathesome, and manipulative this charcter was. She is everything I hate in a person, and to make it worse? WE'RE SUPPOSED TO LIKE HER. This isn't like King Joffrey (I know, not an anime) where we're SUPPOSED to hate him for being so cruel, spoiled, and whiny. And that's just..... WOW. 

justmai Apr 19, 2015

haha awwhh she's not that bad is she? 

prxngles Apr 14, 2015

I'm glad that that this c*** is the most hated character on anime-planet now. She deserves it. Congratulations, Sakura.

I'm more than happy to know this. 

SirJosh Apr 11, 2015



journster Apr 9, 2015

I didn't check till after I posted that last comment, but she is FINALLY the most hated character! Woot! (Sasuke is not that hateful as Sakura can be. I just hate her and i just am quite happy, even if it's only by 3 hearts)