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Felice says...

I simply used to love her just from the beginning . dunno why %)

but she`s so stupid in last episodes.. O.o

why do the plot requires her to be such an idiot?

oh, come on.. T__T

Oct 11, 2011
randomredneck says...

The day i hear of her death, I'll start watching Naurto again. Stupid bitch.

Oct 9, 2011
Jojalee says...

I love Sakura. She's not useless. She wasn't even useless when she was thirteen. So she wasn't as strong as the others, so she he had a major crush on Sasuke (which I do admit was quite annoying at times), but come on, she was a  thirteen year old girl, quite normal actually. But now she has developed a lot, and definetly isn't like she was back then, she's much stronger, wiser, responsible, and professional now in Shippuden, and I think she's very admirable for that.

Sep 30, 2011
nekosakura says...

Well, she has very great character development and honest to God I have no idea how many Sakura fanclubs I'm in on deviantArt...

Sep 27, 2011
sockersoppa says...

One of the reasons I got tired of Naruto

Sep 18, 2011