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Kuroneko1316 Aug 26, 2015

UGH i hate her! shes always like "SASUKE SASUKE SASUKE!" and she thinks her childhood was oh so terrible since she was called names. 

babysapphire Aug 15, 2015

She is the worst character ever

Gemini48 Aug 8, 2015

but i get angry,too..when she says..sasuke-kuuun..

Gemini48 Aug 8, 2015

i disagree with this..she is not useless..she had saved naruto so many times..not even naruto..many other where i live everyone loves least, she is not like hinata..just watching everyone and saying naruto-kun, naruto-kun..useless is hinata..not sakura..

morangos Aug 7, 2015

She's not hated because of Hinata, she's hated because she's annoying.