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justmai Apr 19, 2015

haha awwhh she's not that bad is she? 

prxngles Apr 14, 2015

I'm glad that that this c*** is the most hated character on anime-planet now. She deserves it. Congratulations, Sakura.

I'm more than happy to know this. 

SirJosh Apr 11, 2015



journster Apr 9, 2015

I didn't check till after I posted that last comment, but she is FINALLY the most hated character! Woot! (Sasuke is not that hateful as Sakura can be. I just hate her and i just am quite happy, even if it's only by 3 hearts)

journster Apr 9, 2015

I honestly disliked Sakura at first, her personality and characteristics were quite annoying, especially when she still believed that she had a chance with Sasuke. Sasuke called her annoying, and she didn't understand Sasuke at all (she still doesn't understand him.) Not understanding each other and not having similarities, like SasuSaku, is really really bad for a couple. I really hate how mean and selfish she was, and the way she descrived Naruto at times got on my nerves. In a way, she was being a bit offensive to orphans in (most animes) Naruto.

Post-Shippuden Sakura was far more tolerable and more mature. A person I can actually relate to better, but her "love" for Sasuke was still there, and from how she talked about Sasuke, she didn't know him nor did she actually love him like she believes she does. She still doesn't understand him. The only thing I hate about post is for her crush for Sasuke.  

The ending Sakura, what can I say about her? She's more mature than Post-shippuden, but nothing really changed about her. Nope. I haven't seen much of her (yet, since Kishimoto is doing a manga based on the kids) but I'm sure I might like her better.

IN THE END, I still hate Sakura for the way she acts. She takes thing for granted (as seen in Road to Ninja) and she thinks highly of herself far too much (it's good to do so, but not a lot like she tends to do) she doesn't hate Naruto, to her, he's tolerable, but she seems to rather do without Naruto. If I'd have to rate this character from 1-10, I would choose a 3. (I have a special hate for both NaruSaku and SasuSaku for this chick)