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Kuroneko1316 Sep 13, 2015

yes, she got wayyy better in shippuden. but her annoyingness and uselessness in the original made me hate her, and i just cant stop hating her now.

KisaraBear Sep 7, 2015

First off...

Sakura was very annoying, hateable, etc. in Naruto. However, what most people fail to realize is that she redeemed herself and her skills in Naruto Shippuden.

Whether you hate her or not, you've got to realize Sakura's better now. She's not only stronger physically, but is a better person overall.

I like NaruSasu, but I don't hate Sakura just because I do.

DoodlebugFour Sep 2, 2015

Girl had potential to be great, sadly Kishimoto thinks being passive and fawning over someone is the only things a kunoichi can do. These are also the tropes that Orihime from Bleach suffers from latter on.



Poster Girl for WASTED POTENTIAL!!!!!!

lelouch54 Aug 28, 2015

I know it's just because of Naruto's popularity, but I love how she beats Shou Tucker for most hated anime character. Complete Monster.

XxUnluckyStarxX Aug 27, 2015

This character was very  designate to naruto she would hit him for no reason ater he save her life multiple unforunately she was disposting i throught she was going to be awesome you know pink hair like amu hinamori . I don't how you can treat somebody like that after they save you're life multiple . that and her absorption with Sasuke was kid of annoying . i don't know why he married her or even't had kid with sakura . In my opinion i believe that karin uzumaki would be a better chose  for Sasuke as a wife then sakura i nerver saw any love attraction to Sakura anyways . I like pink hair  and that she and medical ninja . I wish she was nicer to naruto :( . this just my opintion and my reasons