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brennahan says...

I don't hate Sakura. I hate that the producers dropped the ball so hard with her. Since the beginning, every other character has developed. With Sakura, however, it feels like she hasn't changed at all and it's been foreverrrrrrrr since they had an episode pertaining to her, and i don't count ones where all she did was make an appearance or showed how stuck in the past she is. Perhaps there's plans in the future for her...

Mar 18, 2013
animelover1477 says...

yeaa.. i dont wht it is but i hate sakura!she is annoying  , useless, i find overall stupid and weird..... and much more , but surre i will respect he medical ninja shi* cuz thats the only good thing  

Mar 12, 2013
rjr says...

The most misunderstood character on all the series.... Most people will criticize her, but without knowing that deep down, they are the same as her... Human.

Jan 29, 2013
robyn55555 says...

the rest of her story: Naruto always saves me but this time I am going to help him. ( couple of hours later) Naruto saved me again I was almost dead. I know now I should leave things to Naruto from now on.( a month later) Naruto always saves me but this time I am going to help him. ( a couple of hours later again) Naruto saved me agian I was almost dead.

and this go's on for a long time.

Nov 28, 2012
robyn55555 says...

Sakuras story: OMG I got such a big forhead that is sóóóóóóóó bad. and now there is finally somebody who acceps me, but I fel in love with a guy and she is in love with him too. So I won't see her anymore even though everybody is in love with him and you should never abandon a great friend for a guy. and even though she is the first great friend I ever had and she knows I am in love with him and just acceps it cause she just wants to stay friends I am still going to abandon her.

No she is not a total bitch what is everybody talking about :p.

Nov 28, 2012