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babysapphire says...

She is the worst character ever

Aug 15, 2015
Gemini48 says...

but i get angry,too..when she says..sasuke-kuuun..

Aug 8, 2015
Gemini48 says...

i disagree with this..she is not useless..she had saved naruto so many times..not even naruto..many other where i live everyone loves least, she is not like hinata..just watching everyone and saying naruto-kun, naruto-kun..useless is hinata..not sakura..

Aug 8, 2015
morangos says...

She's not hated because of Hinata, she's hated because she's annoying. 

Aug 7, 2015
NarutokurasakiNish says...

I don't know why!but I feel happy to see sakura as the most hated character! Damn she always gets on my nerve!

Jul 18, 2015