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NarutokurasakiNish says...

I don't know why!but I feel happy to see sakura as the most hated character! Damn she always gets on my nerve!

Jul 18, 2015
ShizoiroRitska says...

Ha-ha, Sakura is a leader at top-hated characters xDD

What about Sarada? >:-)

Jun 23, 2015
Tsubyaki says...

To all the haters- you suck. Especially if you are an avid Hinata fan.

Jun 21, 2015
micro9976 says...

I know why she's mine, cause In the one episode she thinks to herself if it came between Naruto and Sasuke which would she heal first? After everything Naruto has done to save her life and to be loyal to her she has to wonder! Sasuke tried to kill her twice! And the only thing noble thing she has done, is heal people of her village. As for who she should put her loyalty in, it should only be Naruto and the people of the leaf and Gaara cause he's my favorite! 😉

Jun 11, 2015
EdMoku says...

Of course she would be the most hated character. Honestly, people nowadays are so quick to judge. Seriously, she's probably one of the more realistic person in this whole anime/manga. Ugh.


May 21, 2015