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gameramera says...


Oct 6, 2016
TheIceQueen says...

Congrats sakura, you are no langer the most hated character.

Sep 26, 2016
GreenPastel says...

The reason Sakura is ranked this high lies in people's personal feelings and the fact that Naruto is probably the most popular series (together with some) during recent years. So she gets the hate from this part of audience that does not have much experience with other animes. I mean, Naruto was my 2nd anime I consciously watched.

I don't like her. Despite being quite smart she dwells on smallest things. She punches her collegues when they are trying to approach her nicely. She pursuits her crush with no hope to receive mutuality using her friend, a person who she knows that loves her. At some point she believes that the only reason Naruto chases after Sasuke is the promise he made to her (as if he doesn't have his own reasons). After realising that she might have hurt Naruto (like, after 10 years they knew each other and she was causing him pain all of this time) she cries, she lies, she uses her friends' good intentions and jumps to do a task that is purely impossible for her.

Though, I do respect her for her unwavering love. Her crush doesn't feel the same, actually, he says cruel things to her, attempts to kill her twice, threatens to kill her, uses his powers so it looks as if he killed her (you know what I mean?). He was literally nice to her maybe 5 times throughout the series. And she loves him despite everything. He's cool, right? And he apologizes in the end. All of this is probably the reason why she is the only person who can manage to live with Sasuke afterwards. Accepting his shortcomings and the weight on his back, helping him to live with it and offering unconditional love which he needs. Makes me think she was created for the sole purpose of babysitting Sasuke after his return.

I don't hate Sakura, but the hate she receives is understandable. Sometimes annoying characters win in the polls with evil, cruel and manipulative characters. Sorry, soldiers of morality, that's how human nature works.

Aug 25, 2016
nothanks says...

Hate against Sakura is honestly the stupidest thing. Everything thats apparently terrible about her can easily be argued against. I don't even watch Naruto, but I understand her character more than some people that supposedly say that they have been following the manga for 15 years. Sakura doesnt deserve half this hate, goodness.

Aug 12, 2016
WatashiDake says...

ok I don't like her but to be No. 2 hated character ... come on !

Jul 29, 2016