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ninidunut avatar ninidunut
Mar 21, 2014

Even now, Sakura is still despicable, selfish and horrible. Considering she is a MAIN character her character development is abysmal. She holds almost no relevance to the plot. Despite getting so much "stronger", she is still just an annoying cry-baby who constantly needs Naruto's help then punches him for it.

She's not even on the same spectrum as Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi. Worst character in Naruto by miles. 

default avatar knkk
Feb 15, 2014

Love you sakura chan

Yusagi avatar Yusagi
Jan 14, 2014

Pffft, Sakura is one of the best characters in the manga in terms of development both as a person and in terms of skill. She started out easily one of the weakest characters in the series and now is so amazingly powerful that the First Hokage admires her skill. And she went from an annoying selfish child with an unreasonable infatuation with a boy to a mature woman willing to sacrifice everything for her friends, who loves someone despite his flaws, but keeps those feelings from interfering and hurting anyone else. And she went from resentig Naruto for no reason and beating him up to regarding him as a precious comrade and saving his life as often as he saves her, and sticking up for him when other people don't. Anyone who doesn't grasp that she's nothing like the bratty, useless little girl she started out as clearly hasn't been paying any attention.

ninapudding avatar ninapudding
Jan 9, 2014

Despite the fact that Naruto constantly save her she repays him by punching him and calling him an idiot. Yeah she's not completely useless but she's nowhere near useful and almost every single character in the series is a better ninja than her, and no one else in the series has such a pathetic, whiny, and above all, SELFISH personality. 

default avatar Happy1999
Jan 3, 2014

 annoying useless B***hI hate her so mutch !! 

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