Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #323
Rank #1,471

Saito is a normal Japanese boy who lands in the most abnormal of circumstances. Finding himself alone in a new world, he spends his days picking up Louise's used panties and flirting with the school maid. While certainly not the "strapping" type of guy, he is brave, if not a bit reckless, and willing to defend anyone in need of help...and by "anyone" it's probably Louise. 

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Anime Roles

Zero no Tsukaima Main
Zero no Tsukaima F Main
Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi Main
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo Main
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo Picture Drama Main
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo: Seductive Beach Main

Manga Roles

Zero no Tsukaima Chevalier Main
Zero no Tsukaima Gaiden: Tabasa no Bouken Main
Zero no Tsukaima (Light Novel) Main
Zero's Familiar Main

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WendyHitsugaya Feb 5, 2017

He meyabe dumb (or massochist) for choosing Loiuse over anyone else but hey at least he did something on why those girls fall in love at him not like Kirito

AnnaMichelle Aug 11, 2016

He's a great character to be honest! 

Louise is just annoying ruining everything that Saito wants to do. She's a complete brat that has no manners and complains about everything. If Louise had a better personallity, the story would've probably been better. Giving viewers a better ending!

Epimondas Feb 15, 2016

Sorry, but anyone dumb enough to fall for a witch like Louise, isn't worth saving.  How can anyone possibly be so dumb, masochistic, selt loathing, guilable, maleable, or desparate to love a creature as disgusting as Louise is beyond all comprehension.  He would be better off dating a thorny bush than a monster like Louise.  Sure he has some power and skills, and sometimes perhaps even some measure of intellect, but that is all wasted and turned on it's ear, especially the intellect part, given how much he pines for the sadistic, twisted, insult to all woman knd that Louise is.

TheIceQueen Nov 29, 2015

He's dumber than a rock, but I like him.

ShojiroKatsuragi Jul 21, 2015

I hate this guy about as much as I hate Louis.  He is the weakest male character I have ever met.  He lets himself be dominated by Louis, and calls her 'master', dispite stating on several occasions that he doesn't care for peasentry or nobility.  He willingly falls in love with a character that clearly has no intention of being human towards him, and considers him to be her dog.

Even his supposed 'love' for her goes against every bit of common sense in this universe.  One would never fall in love with a character that revels in beating and torturing you.  He is meak and has no self-worth.  Foolish and stupid.

If only he had stood up to her and reprimanded Louis for her vile behaviour, and of course gone off with Siesta, he might have been a half-decent character.

I can't believe people would list Kirito as a similar character to this guy.  The only thing they have in commons is that they have black hair and fall in love.