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khoda says...

shes crazy spycho and good with a sword whats not to love i hope there people just like in the real world and i hope to meet one

Mar 3, 2016
DoodlebugFour says...

A sexy stoic purple haired swordwoman with a hidden sadistic streak voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

What's not to love? ^-^

Feb 28, 2016
AnimeGuy18 says...

Soooo hot..

Dec 29, 2015
TheIceQueen says...

She's freaking awesome, I love her!

Dec 16, 2015
FeelyFeel says...

A calm collected chick who has the most sense in the entire series, despite being sadistic. I have yet to hear people's reason as to why they don't like Saeko, because quite frankly, the fat nerd, Takashi, and herself is what made me stick with the anime. Rei on the other hand, is a piece of trash that isn't worth to be mentioned at all. Saeko and Takashi are a definite OTP material, for sure.

Sep 17, 2015