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xBlancheNeigex avatar xBlancheNeigex
Apr 4, 2014

Why couldn't she be in Asuna's place? She's a way sweeter, prettier chracter too. I just wished she had a hime cut, but then I'd be being biased. :P 

DeadCulture avatar DeadCulture
Feb 15, 2014

i miss her :(

TatsumiZX avatar TatsumiZX
Jan 20, 2014

i got to admit it was a sad event when u die although the songs in SAO are really getting me emotional nooooo

Bisonterix22 avatar Bisonterix22
Dec 13, 2013

I feel everytime. I guess that it's not really that i feel sorry for her but for kirito. The guilt that he must had beared ...

Ofzen avatar Ofzen
Jan 23, 2013

I miss you Sachi <3

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