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imnothere Sep 5, 2016

I'm disappointed in her.  She seemed like an interesting character at first and I really liked her, but she has become really dull in time ... I'm tired of her, she has become annoying. Just like Orihime ... 

For me the best female characters are Yoruichi and Matsumoto ,they should have been the main female characters instead. :P  But that's just what I think ... everyone can have their own opinion about that and no one has to agree with everyone. 

silviepie Sep 3, 2016

Rukia is my favorite female character in all of fiction. I love her badass attitude, her sass, her bravery, and her multi-faceted personality. She is many traits that you wouldn't expect would come together: aggressive but empathetic, strong yet vulnerable, loud yet introverted, motivational yet self-deprecating. Despite how she comes across, Rukia is actually incredibly in tune with others' emotions, and is the only one who can notice Ichigo's depression even when he tries to cover it up. She's an absolutely amazing female character.

nek0mimi Aug 4, 2016

Ahahahahaha I just wanna take a moment to laugh at everyone who called her "weak" or "useless" RUKIA IS TAICHOU MUTHAFUKAS!!!! SUCK ON THAT

nek0mimi Jul 21, 2016

Yeah, from what I've seen on this site as well as others, it seems that everyone who hates on her is an Orihime fan who's mad about her having a closer relationship with Ichigo. They'll look for any reason to hate her even if it makes zero sense. And they call Rukia useless LMAO

Also she's not a loli, what the actual hell?

Hypo Jan 20, 2016

Can't stand her, she's a self-entitled useless bitch. Even after she achieves bankai she still needs to be saved from 95% of the fights she gets herself into.

Also, loli's are fucking disgusting.