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Skygryphon says...

She's the main reason I started Bleach, kept reading Bleach, and am still reading it today. Love everything about her--it's rare to find kickass female characters that AREN'T scantily clad and/or obvious fanservice.

Curious why she's so high on the list for Hated Characters, though. I thought haters for her were rare, but I guess not. Any dislikers care to explain why they don't like her? I'm genuinely curious. She's never struck me as annoying or anything.

Oct 30, 2013
Esira says...

at least she is better than the useless Orihime.

Oct 4, 2013
TheTempest says...

Love in the first sight.

Aug 11, 2013
IchiRukiloove1 says...

I freaking love Rukia! She's my fave female chracter! She may not the the physically character but she is mentally strong! She is also very pretty! IchiRuki 4life! Screw the jealous haters!  

Jan 4, 2013