Rock Lee

Aka: Bushy Brows

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Anonn says...

why so much hate?! >->

Sep 5, 2013
pockysocks says...

whoa out of all people Rock Lee. Really?? You guys seem to be forgetting the commitment he has towards being a shinobi. Solely relying on taijutsu while trying to be a shinobi is something only rock lee understands and accepts wholeheartly. 

Jul 16, 2013
NejiKaoru says...

Ahem, HOW COULD ANYONE HATE BUSHY BROWS?!?!!??!?! I bet there just jeolous on how awesome he is :P and his huge eye brows XD

May 21, 2013
DarkAngelofFire says...

He may not look the best, but his personality is silly but determined and he can make a person feel confident with just his words and actions. Plus, he's a total badass.

Oct 26, 2012
Yuyunarutoballz says...

Why the Lee hate? He's my favorite Naruto character 

Jun 21, 2012